Ninebob's Music Quiz 7 - Early as it's the weekend!

10 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
New rules everyone!!!

Please EMAIL your answers to the address in my profile - (don't forget your username if it's not obvious from your email address!) - I will then post up here who's answered and how many they got right as they come in, then reveal the answers later this evening.

A point each for artist and title for each of the 5
A point for the year which they are all from (all Top Ten this time)

and..... drumroll.....
a bonus point if you can correctly guess which of the 5 tracks is such a personal favourite of mine that I have the sleeve of the 12" single proudly on display on my wall (with the record itself safely tucked away elsewhere!)

So 12 point in all this time around.

Here we go then: Quiz 7.wma
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Well guess what? THERMO is the first emailer (no surprise there!) but he still needs 3 and 5...!

The others are correct of course, AND he's got the year and the bonus question point too! :p

PLEASE let someone beat the smug so-and-so to all 5 :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
And Alison556 is not far behind... with the SAME answers right and the same ones missing!!!

However, although she has the year CORRECT, she's got the bonus question WRONG....

I wonder which of those two'll be first with an excitable email saying "I've got it now!!"?

I've burned the bloomin dinner cos I was doing this!!!!!!!

Ah well, carbon is good for the digestion............................ :rolleyes:
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Got the last 4 and the year but well and truly stuck on the first one :eek:
Thermo's emailed back and now has number 5 - just needs number 3 for the full house........
Number 3 is driving me mad - I'm sure I've got it but there's no way I'm trawling through hundreds of CDs trying to find it!

Time are you gonna put us out of our misery?
Alison now has the correct artist for no.5 but still needs the title...

and of course the elusive no.3 :!:
Gaaahhhh!!! And Thermo completes the set, scoring (eventually) the full 12 points on offer!

Now tell us, honestly, have you just spent a sizeable part of your Saturday evening going through CDs from the 90s trying to find something that sounded like it matched :?:
i used to work on the cd counter in woolies in the late 80s as my saturday job. music was just my thing and like i said i have a good memory for things. as soon as i hear a tune i can normally name it. that one was stuck in my head, as i knew i knew the voice and the rest of the track, i just couldnt get my brain to play the rest of it. i just had a quick look through the rack and pulled out a few cds to narrow it down

i have a sad life!!! :LOL:
the bonus track just couldnt be anything else ninebob, how scarey is that!
Well I put the quiz up an hour and ten minutes early at 5.20 so I'll put the answers up early as well at 9.20. That gives neo and Alison half an hour more to think and maybe jump in before we put them out of their misery...
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