Nissan Serena Central Locking/Window Regulator switch not working

7 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi All

Yesterday I got into my Nissan Serena SLX 2.0 ltr 1994 and locked all the doors using the central locking switch which is located drivers side, this also includes the power window switches
and a switch which locks the passengers electric window, it is all one unit which is part of the door panel.

This seemed to be losing power and has stopped working, this has also affected all of the above switches.
I will take the door panel off the weekend but was looking for any advice from anyone who has had a similar problems, I checked the fuses which are located under the drivers side dash and only found a faulty 10 amp fuse which only operates the rear windscreen wiper, I replaced that and the fuse blew again. I think this is a new but separate issue which I will deal with when the door is sorted.

Any advice would be truly appreciated
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the wires going into doors and hatchback are continually bent and straightened (especially the drivers door) so may fracture at the flex point.

One wonders if the previous owner patched up a fault long enough for your cheque to clear.

I don't know your model, but second-hand lock motors can be quite cheap on ebay. You may find it hard to get connectors, though.
Manufacturers are notorious for putting circuits on unnamed fuses ( vw please note) but if there isn’t a dedicated fuse check the wiring between door and bodyshell......the continuous flexing gives problems. You may have to cut the loom insulation for this, unfortunately.
Wondering if the passenger side switch is dead too?
Regarding the rear wiper problem, disconnect it from inside the tailgate, replace the fuse and see if anything comes back to life. I would have thought the wiper motor would have a 15 amp fuse really!
John :)
Hi All
Thanks for your kind advice regarding the Nissan Serena power switch issue, I am wondering now if a short on the rear wiper could have caused other issues, a check online shows the harness routes, I will disconnect the wiper motor as suggested and replace the 10 amp fuse
and see what happens.
If everything starts, working then obviously the problem is a short on the the wiper motor, if not I will check wiring between door and pillar for breakage.

Don't want to delve to deeply as I am no auto electrician so will put car into my local garage and let the experts sort.

Thanks again

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One small comment which may be of interest......with the rear wiper motor its often corrosion of the motor spindle to wiper blade that tends to seize. Often the motor is fine but of course the fuse pops.
Good luck with your quest!
John :)
Hi All

Just an update, the problem was the main power window control switch which sits in the door card failed, I had an auto electrician check it out and he thought the power window amplifier was causing the issue because the are both connected, however I purchased a replacement switch unit, plugged it in, and it now works.

The rear wiper sprung back into life so I assume by disconnecting the switch unit an amp affected the wiring to the wiper, maybe a ground problem.

Thanks once again.