5 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
I did an emergency plumbing job for a national nursing home company in November. I was called out of the blue, but attended and carried out the work then issued the invoice.

After sending the invoice again a few times and being ignored I sent a final demand letter via signed delivery and still got nothing.

The job was for around £480 so I pursued via the small claims court.

Low and behold their "Purchase Ledger" has emailed and ask I fill out a contractor questionnaire (the sort of document you fill in if you are inquiring about becoming a regular contractor) and they're asking for my Public Liability insurance documents (which I have and are always in date).

I replied to their original email telling them that I'm not one of their contractors and don't want to be, I was contacted by them to carry out emergency one off works and the invoice should be treated as such.

They've now backed down and are just asking for my PL documents. I'm obviously not happy about being strung along for so long then being asked for documentation to satisfy their own internal procedures.

I'd prefer to tell them to pay up or I will inform the court they are refusing to pay and issue a judgement against them. Not sure what to do, I'm not feeling very co-operative given the circumstances!

Any thoughts appreciated!
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Name and shame the nursing home so no one else on here will touch them
Send them a copy of your PLI, can't do any harm.

However if you did not have any it makes no difference as they did not ask you for this prior to calling you out.
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I done a job for an emergency call out company in a chain of pubs, sewage was filling up the basement and garden area. After the job was completed I sent in my invoice, after 2 months they refused to pay me. They even said that the job didn't even happen. I went back to the pub and talked my way in to the office so that they could get me a copy of the 'sign off sheet' that showed my times on and off site.

I went back to the company and they still refused my payment, so off I went to the small claims and they sent the bailiffs in who in turn sent me my cheque. Happy days.