Non-serviceable taps?

30 Dec 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi... Just a straight forward question.
I bought some basin taps from b&q a couple of years ago and today decided to replace the washer because it was starting to drip occasionally. But to my surprise, I couldn't figure out how to get to the washer and discovered that b&q taps are designed to be replaced rather than have the washer replaced.
Is this something that most tap manufacturers do now or just b&q.. ?
Since when were taps non-serviceable..?
Do some manufacturers still make taps that can have washer replaced?

Thanks... Just interested to know for future reference.
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If you think B&Q taps are poor, try Aldi ones.....:eek:
Seriously, compression taps have a replaceable washer, ceramic disc types have a replaceable cartridge.
Whether you can get replacements is debateable but there is a fair choice out there.
John :)
Most are repairable but some use cartridges which can cost almost as much as new taps anyway.
Thanks... My taps are compression taps (they aren't the cartridge type) but you can't access the washer without trashing the tap. I asked in b&q and the bathroom department assistant said they have a ten year guarantee and are not designed to have the washer replaced.
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Not a big problem at all but I just wondered if taps were now generally sold without the option of replacing a washer when needed. The reason I bought compression taps in the first place was because I've had problems replacing the cartridge in taps before because it seems more difficult to get an appropriate cartridge than to replace a washer. Well, up until now anyway.
This is the tap... The shroud unscrews but only lifts up slightly to reveal the bottom edge of a circular fitting inside... Not a nut that you could get a spanner on.
Ultimately the taps were cheap but when they do go wrong it means I have to fit four new taps if I want them to match the bath, which are not easy to access.
Undo the knurled nut on the top, marked H or C.
Below should be a phillips screw that you undo, to pull the cruciform off. The escutcheon should then unscrew clear to reveal the tap body hexagon underneath. The washer will be on the bottom of that.
John :)
I did try that but it didn't seem to want to come off. Maybe I didn't pull hard enough but if that is the case then the b&q bathroom guy was fibbing when he told me they are not meant to have the washer replaced. Anyway, it's not a problem because I refitted the taps and the dripping seems to have stopped. I just wondered if this was now how taps were designed in order to get people to buy new ones instead of repairing. I'll find out when the washers do eventually fail.

What do you mean by "refitted the taps "?

I had removed the taps because they weren't fitted correctly (by me) in the first place and the tap body kept twisting (slipping) on the basin. I think it was because of this resulting in them not being turned off tightly enough therefore dripping.

They must come apart.
If not - how were they assembled in the first place?

That did occur to me but the b&q statement about them being designed that way made me think I was wrong.
You seem to be holding a lot of faith in the words of a Saturday worker on £5.35 an hour.
You seem to be holding a lot of faith in the words of a Saturday worker on £5.35 an hour.
the assembler would be paid that for a days work,buying cheap has humanity issues :censored:

Seen many newish taps that drip,basic findings reveled they are not suitable for high standing pressure and the cartridge is a bespoke item with no O ring seal but lashings of thread sealant (thread lock) they are impossible to dismantle the brass (ish) cartridge spanner flat will round over even using best tools even channel lock pliers will not budge the bastardildy manufactured items :!:.

Bowness72,your taps could be different. Who knows :mrgreen:

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