NVQ level 3 plumbing part-time?

7 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all

There will no doubt be some sighs when some of you read this!

I just wondered if anyone know if it was possible to study a Plumbing NVQ Level 3 part-time?
I only seem to be able to find Levels 1 and 2 part-time, and Level 3 full time.

I also wondered if it's even possible to jump straight in at Level 3?
I have no other plumbing qualifications but have a fairly reasonable understanding (the sighs will probably happen now!) of plumbing and have carried out plenty of DIY jobs for myself, friends and family including full bathroom refurbs.

I'm just not sure if Level 3 is way above me? Do I need to get level 1/2 NVQ's first?

Thanks in advance for your help
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My nephew did his level 3 one day a week A few years ago.
When I was doing my training I am sure there was something in place for people with industry experience to skip certain parts of the quals by showing evidence of previous jobs. Things change all the time though
Hey thanks for taking the time to reply.

I've found a few places that offer the level 3 part time but I don't seem to be able to find out if I need level 2 as a prerequisite.

The best ones to ask will be the ones providing the course.
I did NVQ 2 & 3 gas installation & maintenance 10ish years ago and had to do the level 2 first, my course was 2 days a week (18 hours) over 2 years and was classed as a full time course.
Might be best to do gas as there's too many plumbers out there and having gas qual's gives you an advantage.
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You'll never get to do NVQ3 Plumbing without 2.

Ive done the gas one (2 & 3) and the plumbing - you will never get through level 3 plumbing if you bypass level 2.

Everyone has gas now... experience in proper plumbing will see you right (proper lead work etc). The gas side of the trade is going to the dogs unless you have contacts in the commercial side.
The Latin for lead is Plumbum.
Also explaining why the chemical symbol is Pb.
Didn't think there was that many plumbums left in the trade. :LOL:
Thanks for everyone's replies - I'm desperate to get going with a qualification so it's great to get some feedback.

So I take it you literally can't do level 3 without 2? Or it's just that it would be too much of a jump in terms of skills and knowledge? I'm happy to do level 2 if need be.

Is it weird that I REALLY enjoy plumbing?

Maybe I'm a Plumbum!? :)
You won't get on level 3 without a full level 2 nvq.
You won't get a full level 2 nvq without a work placement.
You can do a level 2 tech cert by just attending college.
Level 3 requires a work placement also.

This is the route our apprentices have taken.
Anyone who does these tech level 2 / 3 things who claim then to be a plumber is quite simply a back for merchant to the trade and that's all you will get for your £6000 off these training centers.

Leave school get a proper apprenticeship NVQ 2 & 3 takes 3 to 4 years day release 1 day at college rest is on site. None of this *******s sitting in a class room talking ****e! For 6 months.
How about if I'm in my 30's!?

I guess I'll never be what I really want to be.

It's a shame - I dropped down to a 4 day week in my current job to do some unpaid work with a local maintenance company. After just 4 days they said they wanted to take me on as I ticked all the boxes....... except for the quali.

I wanted to see if there was ANY way of doing it but I still have a mortgage to pay so I guess not.

Thanks for everyone's input anyway. I greatly appreciate it. :( :(
If you have a work placement where college assessors can come out and see you working then there is no reason you can't do nvq level 2 as an evening course, 2 nights a week.
Once you have your level 2 and you have more chance of getting a full time job within the industry you can do your 4 days at work and do one day a week at college on level 3.
If you want to do it, there's always a way, you genuinely sound like you want to do it.
If you want someone to talk you through the process I'll willingly chat on the phone.
Wow thanks roguetrader - that's a really positive response and I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, and without meaning to turn this thread into being all 'woe is me, help me sort my life out' - the very real problems I DO have is that I'm 35 with a mortgage to pay and I'm not in a trade or anything even remotely associated with the industry!

It's something I've always wanted to do but somehow have fallen into another job and it's taken me this long to realise that I may have missed the boat.

Any miracle workers out there? : /

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