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or get a job with a local council i think the qualifications to get plumbers job with the local authorities is you have to name 3 plumbers tools/cut a 15mm pipe using a cutting device ( dont want to name it as i might help u too much ) and then fit a push fit on dont worry about it leaking as long as you can make the job last 45 mins its ok as pushfits are a first and second fix job

u must believe the hype about plumbers making £££££££ i thinks it mainly down to rogue traders in the south who started this £££££ thing
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Blimey is that all you have to do???

The plumbers earning loads started with an artixle in the FT which highlighted plumbers on 100k per annum, I think this was a labour spin to counteract the lack of trades people so they caused a stampede

glad I am not starting now thats for sure
I agree totally with the career swap comments..
definitely grass is greener side to things.
I work in IT and do all my own DIY. but its just that. I object to someone asking for £2k to fit a bathroom, so I do it myself. It isn't that difficult and is mainly swapping stuff out.. So they were (3 different companies) trying it on clearly.
I haven't had anything more than minor issues, so I could easy say... £2k for that... I could do that. But I realise that these easy jobs are just that, and when it gets too difficult I could get the professionals in..
Now you guys don't fix your own PC's now do you????
I mean its easy.. just bung in a few disks and its all sorted!

Just like to add, thatI am in the engineering maintenance industry and I get to travel about in various factories.

There are a lot worse jobs out there. I have seen brain dead people who have stood 8 hours a day at the same machine pulling the same lever and only stopping at tea breaks.

One factory in Bristol a chap proudly said to me "I have been on the same machine for 30 years". :confused:
Then when Saturday comes he can't wait for overtime.

I am afraid these people get conditioned to these sort of jobs after a while. Take it away from them and they go to pieces.

I am a frustrated lorry driver and get the same responce from people in the trade.
Sitting in a lorry, with the radio on, in a traffic jam, earning £5 an hour has to beat standing in a factory earning £6.50 an hour.
Money is not everything.

You only get one chance at life, so do it how you wanna do it.
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oilman said:
I can't find enough rich, attractive women to agree :D
Nicole Kidman desperate for a new man

Well, what are you waiting for ? :LOL:
Well if I have to, that's one, but what about the others?
join the copperclub at Its free and with the installation information you get a cd rom that takes you through measuring pipe bending and so forth with simple prctical exercises. Go for it mate, work hard, stick at it, the rewards will come! ;)
I have the luxury of working as an office employee part time and having obtained a plumbing qualification a couple of years ago at night school I now do plumbing work for a second income. The insurance costs me £400 year, after that and petrol, its profit (minus taxes of course). I get real satisfaction from working self employed, and getting to nose arround other peoples houses. I stick to simple jobs but even here I find making the work conform to the building and water regs. presents a challenge. All the same I'm glad I have the luxury of turning down work when I think the punter will be awkward or won't pay.
Ginyarg and lots of others could start plumbing next week and make money doing bathrooms.
There are things where experience is invaluable but half the time you just have to know what bits fit together, or where to find out what you need to know. I don't find the overheads high, and the pace of change is pedestrian compared to anything teckie. You can specialise in boiler mending or drain cleaning or air con or bathrooms or whatever. If you can get the business stuff organised so (eg) you fit 5 boilers a week you can make a lot of money. Or you can fit one a week and play golf a lot.

I'm trying to think of something specific to plumbing which is difficult, but can't think of anything. Must mean I haven't done it I suppose?! The part about it I like most, and hate most, is being my own boss.
ChrisR, I heard that servicing reduced pressure zone valves is an expanding area of special interest. They have these backflow devices in hospitals etc.

I have some experience with unvented systems and I'm tempted to get a certificate to install them.
do you think the young chaps at fluid plumbing are responsible or have they paid someone for this cheap form of seo? obviously will get deleted but I wonder if someone should tell them what their money is paying for :)
Not really sure, but I suppose as things get more competitive, employing someone to post obvious Spam on forums seemed like a good idea.

Job creation at least. :rolleyes:
ChrisR, I heard that servicing reduced pressure zone valves is an expanding area of special interest. They have these backflow devices in hospitals etc.

I have some experience with unvented systems and I'm tempted to get a certificate to install them.

Where did u hear that ?? as I understand it there are only or were only 2 centres in the UK doing training /certification for rpz valves ?

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