Obscure Solution For A Woodburning Stove

9 Aug 2013
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United Kingdom
I currently have an open fire which i though had a 16" milner fireback.

I am looking into getting a wood burning stove fitted however, the quotes i had for knocking out the existing fireplace, making new and fitting the wood burner came to £2500 - £3000 :eek:

Next i toyed with the idea of having an inset stove, which fits snug inside the chair brick ... but ... having measured up my opening it seems that perhaps mine is not a standard size :confused:
The measurement of the width of the back of the firebrick is 255mm however most of the inset stoves i have found (which fit a 'standard' 16") have this measurement at 270mm except two which are over £1000

my genius (or ridiculous) idea is to have a standard box stove in front of the opening (on the hearth) and run the flue pipe straight out the back of the stove and up into the chimney (no doubt with a register plate)

does anyone know if this can be done?
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Probably not ( at least not officially ) but the question would need to be put to the manufacturer of the fire.

Some can be very helpful and others not!

My first answer is no.

My seconds is that if the quotes you've had do fat are all within £500 then that gives you a good idea of what the work will cost.

Which leads on to my third answer, which is to grow a pair and pay for the work to be done properly.
that gives you a good idea of what the work will cost.

Yes, and its much more than i was wanting to spend so i'm looking at other options

grow a pair and pay for the work to be done properly.

i never said i wasn't going to pay a professional to do it properly, just looking at other options, But thanks anyway for this helpful remark
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As long s the horizontal run of flue is no more than 150mm and there is provision for the sweep to sweep the flue then all is good (If the flue comes off the back of the stove then you cannot sweep through the stove and will need a tee in the flue behind)

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