Oil-fired wall mounted boiler - which is the best?

19 Aug 2004
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United Kingdom
Any recomendations as to whose oil-fired wall mounted boiler is the best? I'm interested in factors like whose is the quietest?, most reliable, etc.

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But why the HRM wallstar as opposed to the others? Is it just that you have one and it is ok? Or have you fitted loads and they are ok?

So far it would seem that they are all about equal, or certainly there are no really bad ones - unless someone knows different :?:
Malc, see under "Grant oilies" for information which will allow you to judge wilhelm's expertise.

You are right that all of the wall mounts are about the same for reliability, Heating World's Grandee (they seem to call all their models Grandee) and HRM use Sterling burners. These are really good as the pump is mounted away from the motor and so repairs are cheaper when the pump bearing leaks.

Warmflow and Boulter use Riello burners which are well developed and reliable.

Trianco used to use Sterling burners, but I think they now use Ecoflam. Thermecon also use Ecoflam, and though the burners are fine from a working point of view, they are comparative pigs to service, and I'm thinking of adding a surcharge to work on these.

Boulter particularly give excellent support, but then this probably applies to the other makes too.

Most of the wall mounts are available as internal or external except the HRM which is through the wall. This is quite an expensive operation to cut the hole. The outside servicing restricts work to dry weather, and it's a pain there's never a power socket to run a vacuum cleaner, so you still have to get in the house or garage.
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oh dear, im merely reacting to what i see out there.
all oil boilers are simple, and i aint going to slag any off, all i know is ,that certain boilers arent built as well as other boilers, its as plain as a pikestaff. .. as for the hrm, i see in that a really good design, ..ok, if its raining, there are issues, cutting a hole in a wall? ...not the end of the world, and good use of space. my next boiler will be an hrm :rolleyes:
keep cool oilman :LOL:
Thanks oilman. Lot of interesting observations.

What about Worscester-Bosch Danemoor WM? That's my favourite at the moment since it is the most compact and so will fit in the kitchen easily. The rest are bigger. BTW oil consumption works out near enough the same for all.

Danemoor is a through the wall (I need through the wall for the space). It has a socket in the unit for servicing BTW. I think some of the other do too. Perhaps the older ones didn't. The manual says the oil pump is a danfoss or suntech (tech think danfoss so I guess that is what is being fitted now).

Erm...haven't seen a WB WM. I don't have any problem with their equipment, but I do object to the length of time you have to wait in a que if you ring their technical help line. All the others you can talk to someone fairly quickly. They either sell huge quantities or ...............
I've really tried with Worcester-Bosch but the help line is just crap. Tried more than once to get a better copy of the Danemore installation manual as their pdf of it it not readable on page 6 - they don't seem to care :evil: .

My latest question was what colour is the outside as none of the pictures show this - brown. Can I paint it? No? Why not? It can't be painted sir. But what about white houses? It can't be painted sir. Well you've just lost a sale as I don't want a brown lump on my yellow house. I'm sorry sir but it can't be painted it is designed for most houses which are brick! (thinks "aah it's my fault, I should immediately go and but some s*** brown paint then and paint my house to match - I don't think so :mad: ").

Frankly EVERY other manufacturer I have approached has been helpful (and answered the phone quicker too). W-B border on the rude.
I've now decided on HRM wallstar since HRM support is so much better and really the only thing going for the WB Danemore is it would fit in my cupboard. Not really the thing to base a decision on :rolleyes: . The HRM wallstar has better warranty, a recommendation (wilhelm), a good burner (oilman), and a good technical help line.

Oh, and you can paint the Wallstar (although the pictures have it as white so not so much of a problem as the brown Danemore).

Thanks to everyone for their input. :D
The tool to use for cutting through the wall is an Arbortech AS160. You'll need to hire it as it's expensive. Info from Arbortech 0800 980 99 99. Or the leaflet is in the September issue of Professional Heating and Plumbing or Professional Builder, both available in the builders merchants and Plumb Center etc.
Thanks for the info. But I already have a 9in disk cutter and and SDS drill that has a chisel mode so I think I will be able to manage with those. If not I'll certainly give you suggestion a try. :)
..... I already have a 9in disk cutter........

There's no doubt that the kit you have will allow you to cut the hole, just makes a hell of a mess which you have to clear up. I'd recommend looking at the leaflet and then see.
Just out of curiosity does a lintel have to be installed once the hole has been cut?
The installation manual does not say so and since the hole is only 350 wide (520 deep) I wouldn't have thought it need one either. The in the wall box is supposed to lean down a bit towards the outside so oil leaks flow outside the house (in the case of fire). That would also stop damp on the outer leaf tracking back to the inner leaf across the top of the box. But in any case any damp will occur in winter when the boiler is running and thus the box warm enough to dispell any damp, I would thought.
For brick walls no, but if you've got wattle and daub or clunch, you'd need to do some research. If you've got flint that would be interesting.

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