Oil heating - access through house problem

18 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
I have been using the same supplier for the last 10 years as they are the only one I ever found that would take the oil supply pipe through my house out to the tank. They where a local supplier and recently haven been taken over by a larger company. They will no longer supply me. I have enough oil to last me 2 months but I need a long term solution.

What are my options? I feel that I am being forced over to Gas as I can see no reasonable cost option. I am aware I could possible fit a supply valve somewhere that they can access but I can only imagine the cost of this being substantial. I live in terraced housing and the tank is at the back of the back garden 50- 60 metres from the front door.
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I think you have accurately described both potential remedies.
Is there no access to the rear of the property at all? Many tankers are 4WD - or at least they have a lockable diff which helps with traction over grass or whatever.
John :)
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I guess I was hoping beyond hope that there was another option. No route to house at all, unless you call over the roof an access point. I'm in the middle of a long row of terracing. All houses closed in around me are gas. About 95% of my area is gas. The only 2 I know around me with oil both live on the end of rows. It's maybe time I made the jump to gas - would prefer it TBH and this may just force my hand
I believe your hand is forced.
The only other option I could think of for you would be to seek insurance that covers the delivery of oil - specific to your property, and enquire if that would be sufficient for the suppliers to make you a 'special circumstance'?
If they are refusing to deliver to you because of their insurance policy and not because of Health & Safety issues, then you providing cover for them 'might' persuade them to serve you?!
Worth an ask, I suppose?
I am aware I could possible fit a supply valve somewhere that they can access
How far from your tank to one of the tanks that can be acessed by the delivery tanker. ? Provided neighbours between gave willing consent a pipe along the bottom of the gardens might be the answer if the oil company continue to refuse to pipe through the house.

If you had a contract with the original company to supply on a regular basic and delivery through the house was accepted as an essential part of the contract then the new company are obliged to continue that contract as it was at the time of the take over.

But as has been said a conversion to gas may be cost effective in the long term, the cost of a new boiler and new gas connection ( if needed ) is likely to be recovered by lower running costs over a few year.
Thanks guys - reassures me to one extent that I have missed nothing. Guess it's gas, and as stated I will likely recover any outlay after a few years savings, given what oil costs (here anyhow).

I spoke to regular supplier at length (been using over 10 years) - they are sympathetic, but as now owned by a multi=national they are forced to follow their rules. I offered to sign a disclaimer removing them from any fault/cost if something untoward happened - checked with new owner and declined. No fault of the small family business who have been serving their regulars for years. They are genuinely saddened to loose me and others, however the loss of an odd customer does not affect the larger company. They don't care.

I would have to lay a pipe under 3 gardens to reach an outlet. Not to mention cost but the difficulties and possible future repercussions with my pipe being under (and in effect on) their property leaves me uneasy to say the least. It's not a viable option. I'm settles on gas now, thanks all

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