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20 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom
I am only too aware about the perils of painting over old gloss without sanding down as it makes the new layer peel off easily.

However, I keep hearing painters moan about this situation and they blame it on Once one coat gloss being used, or even no undercoat.

Surely the only reason for this is that the old paint has not been rubbed down properly first.

Can someone confirm this for me, as I have cheapo job to do which will involve sanding and priming and undercoating any bare bits, but probably not undercoat all over as the budget simply does not allow for it. The old paint is in quite good nick, and I know it was done well.

I don't think Once will be used, there is an almost new large tin of non drip gloss I am expected to use.
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In a situation such as yours bring any areas that need it to undercoat level, when dry put some warm water into a suitable container with a squirt of household detergent, place in that some 400 grit wet and lightly abrade, wipe clean allow to dry and apply one coat of Crown Solo. Stay well clear of Dulux Once and any non drip paint systems.

im no painting expert, but I used non drip quick drying gloss and it was difficult to get an even good finish on it, and thats not just down to me. As I used normal dulux trade gloss and it went on a million times better.
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Crown Solo is the best paint ever invented. :D

I've used more of this than anyone else on earth and I've NEVER had it shell off on top of gloss.

Do not confuse Solo with ordinary liquid gloss as it's self undercoating.

It is not the same stuff as Non drip paint either.

Of course you will have to use a bit of common sense whilst considering using it. ;)
May I ask why you say not to use Dulux Once or non-drip paint?

Firstly allow me to apologise for my late reply, I did come on here earlier yet only had enough time to thank Judge Growler. ;)

With regard to Dulux Once, it was always a rather difficult paint system to achieve a good finish with, it had a tendancy to cause the brush to drag and draw over the substrate, thus offering little to no opportunity to correctly lay back the system. Since 2010, Once should to be honest left in the tin. With regard to non drip paint systems, these offer much the same effect and both systems have often been known to craze, yet this more resembles a pock marked effect rather than the more spiderweb hairline cracks.


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