Open-plan: mix UFH and radiators

Im was reading an artical the other day on how city and guilds are raising the grade boundaries of their gas courses, i think it's a good move to prevent archaic opinions such as those mentioned above. Gas chambers really?

I assume you are unable to understand the controls on the vitodens 200 range?
How is an LCD screen with English writing overcomplicated? We have moved on from the days of sectional cast iron boilers and one pipe heating systems.

if you really think there is no real benefit please see below-

No zone valves,
no room thermostat,
no cylinder overheat stat,
weather compensation - 20% saving
combined Prv and condensate
stainless steel heat exchanger
10 year guarantee parts and labour
plastic flue
no need to screw flues
1 in 6 gas modulation
integrated solar thermal

The list goes on,
However im sure you happy fitting you baxi boilers or whatever you fit but please remember change is a constant.
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20% saving for weather comp? Of course, I've got no doubt the Erp label proves this. Not.

No need to screw flues, that's funny. I'm not denying they don't ask for screws, they still come apart like all the others. So are therefore a potential risk. Viessmann flues are made by another company anyway, Ubbink I think. Got a load of 8" commercial in the barn, have to take a look.
And whilst you say that change is constant, I don't see anything new in your list. Would you care to name one thing on your list that Viessmann weren't doing 4 yrs ago? Or one thing that they do that no one else does?

Even the fib about 20% has been peddled by Viessmann for years.

If you are going to big them up, and try to belittle those who may well have more experience than you, at least spell your favourite manufacturer's name right. Two nn's in Viessmann.
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To be fair they only say you don't have to screw the flues because it's pointless!

Those little rubber caps will fall off before the flue separates anyway :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
A 20% saving is a comparative!

A sensible maker like most others compare their current boiler model with and without WC and most state about 3%-6% or perhaps "up to 12%.

Viessmann must be comparing one of their boilers with an old cast iron boiler like a Baxi Solo so that the 20% includes the 12% benefit of a condensing boiler.

But my point is that 20% means nothing unless you say what is being compared!

But much as I like Viessmann boilers, I feel that they are being rather fraudulent in saying 20%.


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