Opening Veritas R8 panel cover

18 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
I wonder if someone could please help me with the following, as I've read conflicting advice.

I have a Veritas R8 panel which buzzes quite loudly, sometimes worse than others.

From what I've read, I believe it's the transformer, and I may be able to cure or reduce the noise by tightening or possibly loosening the transformer's mounting screws, or perhaps putting some rubber washers behind the panel mounting screws (it's mounted on a stud wall in our kitchen).

I'm guessing that the reason it is louder some times than others is that it gets louder when under load, i.e. when charging the battery (does the system monitor the battery and charge when necessary, or does it trickle charge continuously?)

The issue I have is that I only have a user code, and don't have any idea of the engineers code. (House bought recently from family of someone who died, and they didn't keep any of the documentation)

If I turn off the power and open the panel, I understand the bell will sound as a result of tripping the tamper switch in the panel.

I further understand that if I go to the remote panel and enter my user code, the bell will silence.

Am I right so far?

What I'm not sure of is whether the system will then work normally once I replace the cover, or will it need a reset using the engineers code before I can set the system?

Many thanks for any advice.
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No open lid enter your code to stop internal sounder, tighten up screws on transformer , replace lid ,press reset . All done
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I just wanted to report back that thanks to the reassurance received, I went ahead and opened the box. All went as advised, and all four transformer screws were loose.

On replacing cover and turning the power back on, silence finally reigns
:D :D

Just a very faint mains hum if I put my ear to the box, otherwise nothing.

Thanks again sparkymarka for giving me the confidence to go ahead.

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