Painting doors laid horizontal vs vertical, using Bedec WB paint


27 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom
Oh dear. I am feeling stressed by attempting to get these 6 doors painted, ready for the carpenter to start hanging on 2nd Jan. Just removing the sticky labels and sanding (see previous posts) has eaten up a lot of my time.

I used to be able to get a really good finish with olde style gloss, on a hanging door, skirting door etc. But I've never used Bedec WB undercoat and Satin finish topcoat before, so no idea how much difference there is between painting with the door flat, or vertical.

If I could paint them vertical - either side by side in the dining room where I can only lie one down at a time, or after they're hung, it would take the pressure off me whilst I'm also trying to have a social life, celebrate NY etc etc.

The doors have a rebated detail, so not completely flat.

I suppose I could try one upright and go from there.

Thanks again, kind folks!

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Your social life will have to take a back seat if you want to get the job done.

It's one or the other, or you try to compromise and do a little bit of each.

Or you wait until the carpenter has hung them, that way they can't get damaged.

That's the 'stress' bit cleared up. God.

Personally, laying door flats don't necessarily give a good paint finish.

Also, when one side is done, laying it down to paint the reverse side can do a surprising amount of paint damage, as the surface has not cured properly.
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Brilliant Sparkwright, thank you. Also thanks for the reply about sanding and priming.
If you paint pre-hanging the wont the paint be still soft and get damaged when the carpenter has to cut the hinge recesses etc ?
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I was going to do one coat undercoat and one top coat before hanging, then touch up and last coat afterwards
OK, I've been a bit dim. Of course the doors won't be cured by 2nd - doh!!

I''l leave all painting till after they're hung, which suits me, cos can then paint them over a period of weeks.

I finally caught up!!

Thanks for your help, and patience!
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Im no painter but I hang then remove in order to paint the bottom edge and thin coat under the hinge.
Its always good to seal as quickly as possible after hanging to minimise warping
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If you can wait until the doors have been hung, then that may be for the best.

You could do some priming and perhaps an undercoat, but best to leave the top coat.

I'm sure the carpenter would prefer them not to be too well painted, as the pressure is put on him not to damage the paint when chiselling out hinges and locks, and fitting door handles.
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Perfect, thank you lostinthelight and sparkwright. Great guidance.
if you use lift-off hinges, it makes it easy to remove and replace the doors. As you are not taking any screws out, there's not much risk of disturbing the fit.

Fire-door lift-off hinges are very strong (they are unusually thick) and are widely available in BZP or polished. Brass-plated deposit are rarely seen.

Enduromax and similar have a short, thick, pointed pin which it is very easy to lift and locate onto.
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