paiting a room all white - what type of finish: wall/ceiling

25 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Hopefully a quick one.
Redecorating new home (getting someone in)
Here are the things I would value advice one:

1) one room is to be repainted white. Currently has painted walls (green!) and white ceiling. Is the same sheen (matt?) used for walls and ceilings?

2) seems to be lots of options for Matt white paint! Any particular brand needed over another? B&Q stuff okay or not?

3) kitchen is also painted green with washable paint. Plan is to lighten the colour. Any special consideration about overpainting on washable paint? Should it be white-washed first or can the (cream) just be overpainted?
Ceilings will also be white....

4) dining room going from a deep maroon to cream. figure white undercoat first ?

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Hi I would go for a Matt finish on the ceilings and walls as it doesn't show up any bad areas in the plaster as much as a silk paint would b and q white is ok just thinner than the leading brands your kitchen wall will be fine to paint straight on top of it bring the maroon into white first then two coats of colour will cover no problem
Sorry forgot to add make sure there is no peeling of the kitchen wall first if there is just give a sand around the area and bit of filler
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White paint is the cheapest "colour" given the volumes sold.

I would be inclined to pay a bit extra for Dulux Trade Matt, you will need fewer coats and thus save both time and money.

I seldom use DIY sheds so have no idea how much more expensive they are for Dulux Trade. Most trade shops are happy to deal with the public.

NB if it doesn't say Dulux trade on the tin then it is the crap Dulux retail paint and do not be tempted to use any of the high opacity/low latex/new plaster paints over the existing paints. they can be very temperamental.
Thanks Both.
SWMBO has now decided hallway/landing also repainted and NOT white but the same colour as the dining room so I guess I am going to need 30-40l of the stuff - I will get them to mix into Dulux Trade Matt.
Get the same in white for the front room and then the colour she wants for the kitchen :rolleyes:
Job has been deferred for a couple of weeks due to one thing or another.
In the meantime I went paint window shopping. A sobering experience!

The current plan is:
1) Reception room (currently cream wall/white ceiling): all white
2) Kitchen (currently light green wall/ white ceiling): caramel walls/white ceiling.
3) dining area (maroon walls/white ceiling): orchid white walls/ white ceiling
4) Skirting and door frames - Satinwoon white.

Now I see Dulux trade 10l Matt white is £35/10l and brilliant white £43/10l

To mix the paints in Dulux Trade Matt is £38/5l and £43/5l for Dulux "endurance" (vs £29 for the "normal" factory colour tin)

I figure I will need at least 20l of the Dulux Trade Matt white for the reception rooms and the ceilings in the kitchen/dining room.

B&Q are also doing Crown 10l (non-trade) for £20 and Dulux (non-trade) for £25 or 2x10l for £40

To save a little on cost if I mix the top colour into the Dulux Trade paints would I get away with using the "normal" dulux white as an undercoat?

I figure I will need 10l at least of the top colour for the dining room and 5-10l for the kitchen

B&Q also do a Fortress Trade but googling shows this as a B&Q brand and doesn't seem to have good reviews....

Trade for the Satinwood as well?

Any more sage advice would be appreciated!

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