Paramount board/egg box wall side removal

26 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom

Following extensive water damage thanks to the original construction company tiling straight on to bare plasterboard in the shower area, I'm facing a bit of a tricky situation.

I need to remove a single side of the 9mm plasterboard from the paramount board and then remove the cardboard matrix, with a view to reinforcing it and ultimately boarding over horizontally with 18mm ply.

A new stud partition isn't a great option due to complications on the other side of the wall where theres also a drop of 3 meters.

I've been trying all manner of things to get the plasterboard off. Pulling it doesnt work very well, because scored or not, the plasterboard gives up before the cardboard and glue does, so it ends up coming off in 2cm chunks creating a god awful mess and super fine dust which is getting all over the house even with polythene sheeting up.

I've tried to get behind the board with a slaters ripper and cut the matrix free of the back of the pb panel, but that hasn't been very successful either, as the cardboard is bunching behind the board up once cut, jamming the tool.

Is there a sure fire way of doing this task without creating a plaster dust disaster zone?

I'd appreciate any pointers. This stuff is a total nightmare to deal with.

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