Paving slabs as a base for a metal shed?

1 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
Hiya All,

I've been given a metal shed (6' x 4') and i was wondering if i was able to erect it on a base of paving slabs, if so can anyone give me any pointers on how to secure the shed to the slabs?

For the slabs i was going to take off the topsoil of the lawn and lay sand and then place the slabs down and then then fill in the gaps with mortar. The thing is i know you have to leave the slabs to settle for a week, but the sheds being delivered on wednesday and i was going to do the whole this at the weekend.

Any tips welcome!

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You can't simply lay them on sand, you need a base of some hardcore such as MOT type 1 compacted down and then a layer of compacted sand then your slabs.

The thing is i know you have to leave the slabs to settle for a week

Whoever told you that was talking total nonsense, you either compact it with a vibrating plate and it won't settle or you leave it for a few years and it will settle. A week will do nothing.

The other option which would be suitable for a shed would be to dig out 4 inches then lay your slabs on 50mm of 5:1 mortar.
dont put anything in there that may be damaged by water as the condensation will be quite bad :eek:
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i would not bother with a base as its going to be so wet in there you will need all the drainage you can get. if it was given to me i would be off to the scrap yard with it
I brought one to store a bit of stuff just for a short period really but wouldn't but another. I erected it on slabs that are laid on a base of sharp sand about 3 inches thick on top of soil. The slabs were already in the garden when I moved in and had been there several years. I've never had a problem with the base but as has been pointed out condesation is an issue. I ended up putting a roof over the top with polystrene inbetween and that largly solved the problem. As I said it was meant to be tempoary but after the faff putting on an additional roof I've kept it where it is for the last 6 years or so.

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