PIR sensor in security light keeps triggering...help!

3 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom

My neighbour has a security light triggered by a PIR sensor (one of those round ones with a round plastic lens in the middle). It's located under the soffits at the side of his house and (you know what's coming next) it keeps triggering particularly when there's any wind and the light shines into our bedroom. He's ben really good about it it but we're trying to problem solve here!

It doesn't have a sensitivity adjust (only lux and time) so we can't do anything there. We did try taping it up with ordinary black duct tape but quickly realised that that still lets Infra-red through and just fools the sensor into thinking it's night time!

We took this off and replaced it with some kitchen foil and some thin electrical tape covering the lens but the damm thing is still triggering. The sensor will be coming out in a few weeks when he has his soffits etc replaced but in the short term can you think of any material which I can cover the sensor with which will reflect IR and stop the thing from constantly triggering?

Thanks in advance
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Bit tricky this since it's not my property but, if it is a duff sensor would there be any problem asking my neighbour to switch off power to his house mains, me disconnecting the sensor and terminating the live and neutral feeds in a connector block in the recess then just screwing the now disconnected sensor back in purely for cosmetic purposes and to stop water getting in until he can get comeone in to replace the sensor?

This looks like the offending item here

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No problem asking. :)

No problem doing it if you are 'competent'.

Is there not a simple switch in your neighbour's house to turn off the light?
Years ago I was forced to take the wife's dog for a walk each evening. So I would take my handy walkie-talkie with me and have a chat on the local repeater while on the walk, it was like Blackpool illuminations as I walked around and the RF from my handy set of security lights galore.

At home I had a simple globe to give small amount of light enough to see key hole when entering at rear of house. Neighbour however went OTT with a massive 300 watt illegal flood light, it was all OK until the local cat went past, it would trigger next doors lamp, which would cause may lamp even if lit to go out, then the flood would go out, and my light would switch on again, this would trigger next doors, I am sure you get the picture.

The sensors are in the main inferred, so any central heating flue will also set them off.

I now use a smart bulb timed for when the milk man comes, and evening only, there is nothing so annoying when half way up steps at side of house the lights go out, and to be frank don't want to assist intruders.

In the days of the tungsten light to light way outside used enough power to worry about it, today they use that little, the PIR costs more than the electric used, I admit I also don't like the gate post lights a neighbour has since they shine into my bedroom, but don't switch on/off so get use to them.
Re-aim the light, it should be aimed to illuminate his property only, and not be shinning into neighbours windows !

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