plants to grow tall in the shade?

30 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
I would like to buy some cheap and cheerful plants that will grow big and grow quickly.
I would like them to grow against a seven foot high fence (wooden vertical panels about an inch apart).
This fence is always in the shade.
Could anyone give me some ideas please? I have a long stretch to cover eventually, about 90 feet.
It doesnt matter if it will attach to the fence.

Is there anything that could still have some cover even in the winter?
Does ivy grow quickly?
I have some ferns that come up but then die off in the winter and they are not very high.
I dont mind if they dont flower .
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Yep, Ivy is ideal, grows quickly, is nearly impossible to kill. Plant at 10 foot intervals, and choose a varigated one for interest.
also, I want to kill some nettles that are along the river bank in my garden so the kids can get in and out easier.
Can I do this safely without polluting the river?
They are taking over in some places.
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use a chemical and youre potentially facing big trouble from the nra.
dig them out or keep strimming them down.

what sort of river is it your letting the kids go into by the way?
For fence covering you could use Russian Vine ( Mile-a-Minute ) it is the fastest growing plant i've ever seen. You can even buy it in Morris*n's, cost's about £2 a plant. I had one plant and it covered a fence of 6ft high x 16ft long in no-time at all! ;)
mile a minute... my mother in law says it should be banned as you cant stop it? however, we wouldnt encroach on anyone else.

thermo... how do you mean .. what sort of river is it?

It is clean.. the environment agency do tests (with our permission) on quality, and flow.

I have tried digging the nettles butthe roots seem to go on for ever.
I guess strimming is going to be the only answer.
What encourages them? can I make the environment less nettle friendly?
good soil encourages them, they are a natural plant to the river side, and a sign of fertile soil.

No i was just thinking if your letting your kids play in or near the river to be aware of wiels disease. its spread by rats urine along rivers and river baks and is quite common. Just one to be mindful of
Eddie M said:
Yep, Ivy is ideal, grows quickly, is nearly impossible to kill. Plant at 10 foot intervals, and choose a varigated one for interest.

Ivy is terrible, grows quickly, is nearly impossible to kill.

I'm very pleased to say that in my street, some kind of ivy mite is attacking and killing the wretched stuff.
thank you all.

We do have rats about because we have chickens and there is a farm close by.
I will lokk it up to see what the risks are. The kids swim and canoe in the water and so will inevitably swallow water etc.
I guess its just trying to be careful and to wash hands before eating.
They love to take picnics down there or we bar b and never thought to wash their hands after swimming. thanks.
it has very similar symptoms to flu but can have much worse longer lasting side effects. Its always one to mention to the doctor if they are unwell with similar symptoms. Its also called leptosyrosis. I only know about it as we were at risk from it when i was a diver with the police. Nothing to get worried about, and yes the best prevention is to get them to wash hands thoroughly with soap and hot water and cover any open wounds if going in the water.
thermo, hijacking my own post here but I once tried to get pics for a kids project on cops diving and had to get them from lancs!!
They aren't usually rats at the river edge but water voles. Do they carry Weil's Disease?


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