Plumbers Bill

Where does the OP say how long the guy took to condemn boiler :?: Where`s these 5-10 minute timeframes coming from :LOL:
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I certainly spend most of my day travelling to do boiler repairs.

On Monday I went to Reading for example. That repair was at our usual charge rate.

Yesterday, I went to a repair in Tottenham. Due to traffic delays in both directions that journey took just as long as going to Reading.

In my view its irrelevant to any one customer how long it takes us to travel. What is important is that we do get there. Its totally relevant to us though as we have to average all travelling time between clients.

Axel I suggest that you ignore Namsag. He has that trait of trying to be rude and disruptive. Just look at all that long thread when he was suggesting that I had failed my ACS. You will notice he posts here anonymously!

You will be able to see what I said when you have your gas quals and I will probably show you the discussion on a computer sometime anyway. Of course if you believed him you would not want to do the training with me anyway.

In my view the main part of charging involves risk and return.

If an electrician makes a mistake on a socket upstairs, goes away, customer switches on socket following day, mcb or rcd trips, repeatedly, customer phones sparky, sparky returns, sorted out.

Plumber etc makes mistake on joint upstairs, goes away, it leaks slowly unnoticed for a few hours, blows whilst customer out for evening, customer phones plumber, plumber arrives to £10,000 damage to house

Gas engineer etc as above, Carbon monoxide into room, customer unconcious, police phone engineer and arrest for manslaughter.

Risk and return. I'm not inspecting any boiler when no possibility of further work with the above in mind for peanuts. Those that think free or £20 is ok give me your numbers and I'll pass on the timewasters I come across to you and keep you busy for months earning £50 day whilst I charge a reasonable rate for my experience, knowledge, equipment, constantly reocurring training, re assessment and profit / overheads.

Just my opinion as a registered gas engineer / human entitled to a reasonable living.
i would be very suprised if he condemned it without taking his tools out.

i done work for a taxi driver who was moaning about my bill.

i had to point out if he drove to my house and back,without doing any work it would cost me £40.he got the point
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Well, it's an honour to have my comments reviewed in a private arena by gas experts!

It is understandable that an RGI might be concerned about trainees hijacking their clients, especially if they work locally.

Tony, you seem to dissaprove of my suggesting £50 as a 'no work' call out fee. Those jobs you mentioned that were far away obviously merit a premium attendance fee due to distance. As I said, most of my work is local and I have a good idea of what my clients consider to be reasonable.

I only plumb water not gas, so charge £50 for the first hour and £30 per hour after that.

Seems cheap, but my overheads are low. As I work part time and don't gross over 60k or whatever it is, I do not need to be VAT registered.

The vehicle that I use is one I am using for the school run anyway, so it's not really costing extra, although it does count as a tax expense!

I have public liability insurance and apart from the odd tools now and then, that is my overheads covered.

No doubt if and when I become a gas installer, I will need to up my charges, for gas work at least.

Regarding poaching / undercutting - clients that I have met via another plumber I always refer back to the person who put me onto them if they need extra or subsequent work doing, although often it is a different type of work, such as fitting a bathroom, that is required and the referring RGI is not interested anyway. Conversely, I often have to refer gas work requirements that come up from time to time, to various gas installers. My interest in getting registered myself is so that I don't have to refer or subcontract gas work that my clients require.

I was under the impression that the CC was private to avoid DIY and non gas plumbers from getting over enthusiastic about gas!

At the end of the day I said IMHO with the stress on HONEST - it should be possible to air one's thoughts and opinions on a forum such as this and even provoke lively discussion.
Agile .

Why not just quote on here what you put and while your at it to stop me being diruptive as you call it why not at the same time put when your ACS actually ran out and when you done the renewal exams . Or would you like me to put dates and ACS centre they where sat at etc etc.

Your right the CC should be about gas related matters but big brave Agile uses it to snipe behind peoples backs .. Quite sad really
Axel .. just to let you know the lovely 2 faced Agile has gone onto the combustion chamber to have a dig at you , Saying he may not help you with your portfolio as you are libel to undercut him.

Slightly harsh namsag. Not entirely sure how appropriate it is to grass on someone in such a way. Maybe Axel should reply on the CC?
Namsag when you post details of Agiles ACS exams up could you also post details of exactly what gas work you allege he undertook personally whilst 'not competant' and whilst not under the supervision of a competent and registered person.

As far as I know it's not an offence to let ACS certs lapse if you don't do any unsupervised work during that period :rolleyes:
Adamsheating what you think its better that Agile hides behind a secret forum to have a go at someone.When he could say to the guy in public.. get a grip

Razor one day you will take your nose out of agiles sun doesnt shine place.
Show me one break in his posts where he offers to do repairs for 84 quid . He has already said i have been libelous several times funny how this has not gone any further .
And why would one of the top100 boiler engineers in the country need supervised or indeed allow himself to be supervised Agile will not respond to time and dates why because he knows i have contacts within gassafe .
Very easy for him to prove me wrong if i was but after well over 30 pages on it he never has.


He tried to be smart with one answer the other night about sitting his ACS on day it ran out even that does not allow you to work the next day so yet another uninformed comment

This is actually very boring .
This forum posting is about a plumbers bill!

No more and no less! Mods can legitimately delete off topic postings.

Unlike the Namsags of this world who post anonymously and try to hide their identity, I am a real person and Axel is welcome to come round tomorrow ( Friday) morning and have a coffee and see whats in the CC part of the forum. Later he can come with me to a job if that fitted into his portfolio requirements. ( Actually I did a classic today but like many did not know about it until I got there. )

He will be registerable within a few weeks/months anyway!


I did a spell check and when it came to "Namsag" it suggested to "ignore".
So why dont you then .... I see no mention yet again of your dates..
the master has said on the CC he will train you anyway/
And already told you Agile PTS do them for 11 quid. Whether you lie or just over charge is down to you and your maker.

Struggling for work just now Agile i wonder why :rolleyes: must be all your trainees stealing it
i do charge £40 pound for the first part unless i can`t fix it but i am up north and most jobs are only round the corner and i live on top of two motorways in farnworth
but if boiler kaput i would not charge as long i goto put new boiler in
I'd have to agree with Namsag it is very boring when you hijack every post to try and get Tonys attention anyone would think you fancied him!

Or have you not realised that he thrives on it?

If you have contacts at GSR that are willing to break data confidentiality and risk their jobs for some feud then why not report Agile as it is your moral duty to protect the industry and public from unregistered gas operatives. Thats assuming you have hard evidence that anyones traded illegally of course.

I think it's a shame because I find most of your posts very good and wish to continue learning from reading them.

It would appear Tony is not willing to answer to you and why should he?

Can't you two just ignore each other?

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