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Some time ago Joe posted a topic' do we need another forum'....maybe one where we can discuss things without the constant bickering and fighting that invades the posts so often on here.
I thought that maybe..as Joe said, we could just mention music that we enjoy with a link to you tube, or just a poem or a book that we have read and enjoyed.
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This is one of my favorites. I heard it first on a Jim Reeves LP:

Men With Broken Hearts
By Hank Williams Junior

You'll find many just like me
along this city street.
Shoulders stooped, heads bowed low,
eyes staring in defeat.
For those who live within the past,
for sorrow plays all parts,
for death is all they have left,
these men with broken hearts.

You have no right to be the judge,
to criticize or condemn.
Just think but for the Grace of God
it would be you instead of him.
A careless step or thoughtless deed
& then the misery starts.
For those who weep, death comes cheap,
these men with broken hearts.

Humble you should be
when they come passing by,
For it's written that the greatest men
are never to big to cry.
Some lose faith in love & life
when sorrow shoots her darts,
With all hope gone, they walk alone,
these men with broken hearts.

You never walked in that man's shoes
or seen things through his eyes,
or stood there with helpless hands
while the heart inside him dies.
Some are paupers, some are kings,
some are masters of the arts,
in all their shame, they're all the same,
these men with broken hearts.

Life (women) sometimes can be so cruel,
that a heart will pray for death.
God, why must these living dead
feel pain with every breath?
So help your brother along the road,
no matter where he starts.
For the God that made you, made them too,
These men with broken hearts.
Thank you RH lovely poem....I appreciate poetry is not everyone's cup of tea but hopefully some music and books will eventually make their way here.
Really annoying to stand in a book shop wanting to buy 'something' but feeling at a loss know what.
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I am an avid reader. Maybe one book a week or so, reading almost anything. I read most books i buy or have bought for my kids too.

I have enjoyed many books that stand out for various reasons.

The Gruffalo - This is a fantastic book to read out loud to young children. The way it is written is a joy, and i think i can recite it word for word.

Boy in the striped pyjamas and War horse - also books directed towards younger readers. They give the reader a feel for what it was like without being graphic.

The dreadful Judgement, Neil Hanson. Details the great fire of London. A well researched and thought out book. Not sure it tells us much we didn't already know, but good read never the less.

Lee Child, Michael Connelly and Robert Crais - three thriller writers with established series of novels. well paced, action packed page turners.
Thanks guys for you input...its nice to have the books mentioned on here, I know that people do mention things on GD but they tend to disappear down the list and then you can't find them when you want them.

I have never read a Steven King book....I imagine them being slightly scary...and the Gruffalo ...I absolutely love it, I think I actually enjoy reading it more than my grandson.
I have never read a Steven King book....I imagine them being slightly scary...and the Gruffalo ...I absolutely love it, I think I actually enjoy reading it more than my grandson.

Stephen king doesn't do it for me. have read and enjoyed a few of James Herberts books, magic Cottage (i think)

As for The Gruffalo - Guilty Pleasures :oops: :eek:
I wrote this poem for my partner, twenty years ago when we had our first weekend away together in YORK.

How long I have waited to enter your city
Unique, majestic and grand
Once totally surrounded in stone, your defense
Now exposed by the touch of my hand

Your boundarys clear
Your jewels kept in boxes
Safe from invasion and harm
Yet you smile at me sweetly
And surrender discreetly
As you willingly lay down your arms

As I pass through your gates
The arch to your history
I can sense the sweet smell of your past
Amongst your rosy delights which lay inside your walls
My hurried quest for your heart

Feel your River Ooze
It's banks, they swell
The Minster is rising within you
So perfectly placed
Through crinoline lace
It echoes the sounds of 'I love you'

My pace I increase as I storm through your streets
Your narrows are wet and inviting
Now your rivers have burst and your jewels you release
To the soul of this resolute viking

How long I have waited to enter your city
Your secrets I've wanted to learn
For we are not just a phase but a city of strength
To which someday, I would like to return.

We are still together :)
I'll never get to heaven,
but I don't care.
Because those that do will look around,
and see it's rather bare.
It’s all a con,
Been foisted on,
us all for many a year.
But when we die,
we’ll all find out,
This god will disappear.

and the Gruffalo ...I absolutely love it, I think I actually enjoy reading it more than my grandson
ditto, my grandson's 3 and I have to persuade him to choose the gruffalo when I read him his story. :LOL:
genuine guitar only song there!!

But it is a semiacoustic played through some sort delay/reverb/echo allowing it to echo so much.

Still a very good piece of guitar work though.

this is my favourite pice of guitar work though -


gets really good around the 1.45 mark.

There is lot to be said for heartfelt song's played well
my brother just sent me this clip off you tube....
I thought the guitar playing was brilliant....I assume its genuine.


Amazing. Sounds genuine to me with some effects - echo/reverb. Like you say it's very addictive. It's a shame that so many really talented people are unheard of.

Don't know if you have heard Rodrigo's guitar concierto? (as mentioned in my desert island disc selection) but here's a link if you fancy listening to it. It's about 11 minutes long so make sure you have the time to appreciate it. I'm sure John Williams and his guitar are physically connected. The bit at 8:30 always brings a tear to my eye for some reason.

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