Poor flushing toilet

30 Jul 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a Roca toilet installed in my downstairs toilet. For the last 6 months or so it has had a very poor flush, not enough to clear everthing out the pan. The flush is also quite noisy. The house is only 18 months old. I have tried a new dual flush mechanism to no avail and the drain has been checked and runs clear and free. Buckets of water poured into the pan drain with no problems. Even by removing the flush mechanism and pouring water straight into the cistern seems to take a while to drain from cistern to pan. I have tried to clear the holes under the rim but they seem clear enough. Any other ideas i have missed?
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Look in the FAQs post no 23

Tried nearly everything listed there.
Is there anything that would restrict water going from cistern to pan apart from an under rim blockage?
Is it a close coupled WC as they have poor pressure and do not always clear the pan. :(
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Yes it is close coupled. It was fine for a year though, only been the last 6 months it has played up.
Might be worth a look at the donut washer which is where the cistern meets the pan as there might be a blockage.

Renew the flapper valve too as it is cheap and is normally the culprit. :(
I renewed the dual flush column and donut washer at the same time recently, still with same result. I assume there is nothing on the water inlet mechanism that would effect my problem? Sorry for the lingo, dont know the parts proper names :oops:
Could it be a venting problem? Is the toilet served with a AAV on a sub stack?
This toilet has an SVP (am i assuming right that this is a soil vent pipe??) up the wall lining and out through the roof with a plastic cap over it obviously to prevent rain water getting in. Is this what u mean? I did check a few weeks ago and there were no obvious blockages.
I may be wrong here but i have 5 vents coming out my roof. 3 from extractor fans and 2 from SVP's. All are identical. Each vent protrudes about a foot from the roof and each has a cap over the end which i assume is to stop rain getting in.
my drains are definately clear...this particular toilet has its own inspection lid and i have had hoses up it and all seems clear. I guess maybe its an under rim problem...maybe a new toilet is needed.
Thanks bahco for ur help anyway.
Just a thought but the caps on top of your soil pipes, are they sealed or open to air?

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