Poor Toilet Flush Action

HG - sorry - I didn't make myself clear enough. I meant a a long 'horizontal' run to join with the soil stack from the back of the pan. Once the waste has been accelerated by gravity you shouldn't get problems with the flow below ground
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If pouring water into the pan from a bucket works, and the water empties away quickly, then clearly its not a problem with drainage away from the toilet, is it?
Dunno - maybe it is... Dumping a 2 gallon bucket of water into a pan will have a much more vigorous action than most modern cisterns, compensating for any deficiencies in the fall from the pan to the stack.
All thanks for all your suggestions

Hugh - the cistern does fill to the mark
cmother1 - Ok, understand - the outlet to vertical soil pipe is via a flexible connector and is about 15 inches

I've sort of come to the conclusion that it's the pan design in the way it allows (does not allow) water from the cistern into the pan

In the case of the ground floor pan, the water flows in quite vigorously, while for the bathroom pan it's not as fast. The ground floor pan has a large gap under the rim and also there is a 'central' spout of water that flows into the pan at the back; this does not happen with the bathroom pan. However, the ground floor pan is very old and was in the house when we moved in - about 25 years ago

My guess is that the water channels in the bathroom pan restrict the water flow far more than for the ground floor pan, and so I don't get a "proper flush"

So, can anyone recommend a pan make that won't cost the earth
I just need a pan from the back to wall range to approximately match the dimensions of my existing pan

Should I go for a well known make such as Ideal or Armitage, or will one of the lesser known brands do

Any help appreciated


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I finally solved the problem and thought I should publish for others
Probably obvious, but I had not had a chance to look until now

I disconnected the inlet pipe to the pan and had a look inside to see if there were any blockages - and sure enough there were. I should have done this earlier, but it was quite difficult to do and look into the back of the pan

The pan has two holes to let the water in and one of them was blocked with a piece of self adhesive material - this was originally attached to the inside of the syphon. It was a waterproof notice about the size of a smallish credit card

When I removed this, the flush worked perfectly

Thanks for all your suggestions and responses


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