Potterton Kingfisher ignition problem

Go pick up a fan, gas valve, APS, burner & replacement board............. , then have a RGI come fit em. :D
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Such vitriol towards someone who came here for a little (free) help.

Isn't that what this site is about? I don't remember ever getting paid for giving help, nor ever paying for received help.

Perhaps it would be better if the OP started off his post with "I have a friend who...", included the phrase "...he took 280 Euros off him and it's still no better...", and finished with "He can't afford to have someone else over on his disabled ex-serviceman's pension."

OP, this boiler uses (I think) flame rectification to detect the presence of a lit pilot. This relies on a good electrical earth. You might find you have to have a professional electrician in to determine what work is necessary to bring the installation up to national standards. Simply running a long wire from the mains earth terminal to the boiler earth terminal may be dangerous if carried out without regard to other possible hazards.

Yes, there are cowboys in the heating industry, as there are in garages, furniture shops, solicitors' offices, and possibly even banks. The guys on here are giving advice and help for free, and that's not a trait I associate with cowboys. Some seem to spend more time berating the DIYer than helping, but that's just a personality disorder identified recently as Agilitus-selfimportantus. There is a treatment, I'm told, after a fixed diagnostic cost; but I've not gone into it further.

Maybe the post should have started something like "I have illegally worked on my boiler and have endangered my family as I care more about the pound than the welfare of my family"
I have little concern if the OP decides to do gas work on his own boiler after we have given him the appropriate warning.

What does concern me is that he so blatently calls an engineer with no apparent intention of paying him and has a premeditated intention of getting a free diagnosis just so he can DIY.
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well not too many picked up on the op location,just because the UK has laws about gas,how many are familiar with the law in Ireland?
The op did not call an Engineer it was a serviceman,elec regs are also different but why worry about facts when you can let your imagination and self importance run wild in your willy measuring contest. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ;)
...The op did not call an Engineer it was a serviceman...
What's in a name? He still called somebody out so he could use his knowledge and time without paying him in the hope to do the job himself and cheat the engineer out of his fee.
Silchester, Potterton Kingfisher Mf CFL 80.

This is a conventional flue boiler and should be treated with respect, even if it does have a fan. Not a diy product by any means. Get a RGI who knows the safety aspects to this unit in side out.

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