Problem changing a light fitting, please help

2 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
Have removed the old chandalier type light to reveal the following

1 red wire - terminated in choc block
1 three way choc block - centre cpc - cpc
1 black wire in to block on one side with brown out and 2 black wires on other side with blue out

New light fitting has a converter fitted and does not require earthing so have terminated the cpc, it just requires 1 live in and 1 neautral in.

I have put the single black into the live and the double one into the neautral, is this correct, please help
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Hi moggy .....
Just click the `WIKI` tab at the top of this page and then click`ELECTRICS UK`
Under that click `LIGHTING` and check out the diagrams and see if that helps first.
No, they all seem to be utilising the red cable whereas this one is terminated, thatnks for the pointer though
Can you just confirm you only have one red wire? Are there three cables entering the fitting, one twin and earth and the other black and earth? Are they all double insulated? From the original description it sounds like you have connected it up the same as it was, so therefore providing it was correct the first time round it should be OK, the switched live black wire should really have a bit of red sleeve on it to identify it.
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I have connected it up twice now the first time just using the three black wires two into one and 1 into the other those being the L and N of the fitting, this consequently blew the fuse, so have swapped them round. but havnt tried it yet

I havnt changed any of the wires since I removed the old fitting, just terminated the cpc as it wasnt required as per the fitting instructions, so I now have 1 choc box that came with as part of the light with two black wires into the N and the single black wire into the L, if its not right I would assume it will just blow the fuze again
Because your switchwire has no marker, I think you have mixed up your blacks.

You need a multimeter to sort out this.

It sounds to me as if one of those black is live with the switch on, and because you have connected this live to a neutral when you switch on there is a minor electrical disagreement...

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