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24 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi I’m new here so please be gentle.

I currently have the euro mini wired system with 5 pir’s a keypad and a deltabell plus bell box to the front of the house and a dummy box to the rear. Also an internal sounder.

I want to buy the delta plus module for the dummy box and make it into a working bell box.

can you advise on the wiring. After taking one of the pir off for inspection it is wired 4k7 and 2k2 tamper grade 2 system.

any advice on wiring additional box and jumper settings, pictures any general help very much appreciated.

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No resistors required …..unless you want it to have its own tamper if you have spare zones ….in which case put a 2.2k resistor in the bell box on one side of the tamper ….don’t link the 0v
Thanks sparkymarka for the speedy reply.

yeh no tamper required for the that bell box.

what about the jumper setting for the extra bell box, will I be able to run both from the main box, or set one up different.

I found this picture on the forum, I presume my wiring would be similar or exactly the same.

what about the wiring for the control box side??


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Set the 2nd bell as SAB. If your not going to wire up the tamper u will only need to connect the 12v + and -, stb and bell. But as sparkymarka says would be best using a spare zone programmed as tamper in which case u would put a 2k2 resistor from 1 of the T terminals into a connector block with 1 core going to the zone on the panel, and the 2nd core from the zone to the other T terminal. Or you could series it with the tamper return from the original bell box into the tamper return on the panel.
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Ok I think I’m getting my head around this thanks to the both of you. Let’s assume I don’t require the tamper for the second box and that I would run the tamper from the original box into the tamper on the return panel. Would it look like the picture I have attached. Thanks again for your patience. You have both been top draw. Ian


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No ….your front bellbox has a 0v link to one side of the tamper you would loop the tamper in to the rear tamper and back out …back to the control panel , you wouldn’t link the 0v on the rear bellbox
Morning sparkymarka ok so the drawing shown before should have the tamper from the front box bypass the control panel and go straight into the tamper of the rear box then a wire coming out of the rear tamper and head to the control panel. So just to clarify at present I have a wire in the control panel coming from my original bell box, I would disconnect that from the control panel and use a connector block to attach to attach to a new wire that would connect with the tamper in the new bell box, I would also attach a additional wire coming from the new bell box and send that back to the control panel and attach to the tamper where the original bell box was attached. So if I was to look in the control panel after installation I would have 1 wire in the tamper and a connector block which would have 1 wire coming from original box with the second wire heading to new box. In the new box I would have 2 wires in the same tamper block 1 coming in from the connector block in the control panel and the other one heading to the control panel to be connected to the tamper. Wow that was a bit long winded even for me. I presume doing it this way I won’t need the resister but what about programming a spare zone as a tamper. Thanks again for your patience.
Are you intending to run a new cable from the control panel to the rear bell or link from front bell ?
Run a new cable from the new bell to the control panel.
Ok so forget your diagram just double up
At the panel
Bell +
Bell 0v
Bell trip -
Strobe -
Then wire the tamper pair into a zone with a 2.2 k resistor inline on one of the legs at the bell box end
Ah ok so just double up the wires for both bell boxes into the same connector blocks on the control panel as you mention above.

So the Tamper pair which I presume is one from each bell box as per the other connections now has to be connected to a zone (not sure what you mean by zone). And you mention the 2.2k resister inline on one of the legs at the bell box end. Is this done at the new bell box. A diagram or photo would probably help me understand. I think we are getting there and I am learning an awful lot thanks to you guys.
Will post a picture tonight ….putting the rear bell on a separate tamper will aid in faultfinding if you have a bell tamper in the future ….
You could power the bell from the aux terminals if there isn’t that many pirs on the system the bell output is 800ma the delta plus is 300 ma in alarm x 2 =600ma
There are 5 pirs on the system and I am about to upgrade them to pet friendly Pyronix Kx10dtp, there is also an internal sounder by the front door and the all ready installed bell is also a deltabell plus.

I presume if I power the bells from the aux I don’t need to set the jumper to scb on the second bell.

oh another thing, can I just switch out the old Pyronix non pet pirs and then add the new ones without any configuration.


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