quality of food in the supermarkets

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ban-all-sheds said:
BOB.DOLE said:
they are forced fed and have day and night lights on them and do not sleep
Do Asda not sell free-range birds?

BOB.DOLE said:
i see the usual drip heads choking chickens in their baskets if they new how they lived thay would choke them back on the shelfs.
I've never seen any live chickens on sale in supermarkets. And even if they were on sale why would knowing how they lived make a difference to where people would kill them?

Why are you telling us these ridiculous stories, Bob? Just what is wrong with you? Are you on drugs?

Vegaterion :?:
I have noticed the price of Tesco ISB bread shoot up recently, from 59p to 9somethingp.
JohnD said:
crafty1289 said:
And I dont know if you've noticed, bob, but overheads are constantly increasing for supermarkets and producers. Energy, transport, wages, are all continuously increasing, they have to find some way to pay for it.

if this is the case why are tesco bragging they have made £1.5 BILLION PROFIT in the first quarter of the year
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Bob`s got a point about Chickens........broiler sheds are :mad: ....the birds are`nt force fed but full of growth promoting substances in the food .......all engineered to be within the laws that govern such things .as is "free range".............I`m not a number I am a Free Chuck :eek: :LOL:

4 cans of stella pint cans in your robbin snide shop £5. 99 ..jesus have the co-op never heard of booze busters etc ..lol I did like the 2 big bottles of diet coke at £1.65 ... nice ...
I was in there before near me with Pete an old mate as he got his fags , I had a wander around an checked your biz empire out ...lol..lol..lol

can I add my wife does our twice weekly shop at the m/s near her old works Debenhams in deansgate + an they deliever the proper dated stuff ..
she just got some very racy new undies from the winter collection at her old works , ..lol Yum ..lol

online m/s stuff is always last dated stuff an snide stuff dont use the online ordering , go in shop get it dropped off ;)
We all know 'super'markets sell cheap s h i t e, but we seem too lazy to do much about it. It would be great to have a bit of people power and boycott a chosen store for, say, a month. Might make them treat their suppliers a bit better. Down hear in the glorious countryside loads of farm shops are springing up and doing really well. Good local produce, tasty, not sprayed with tons of c r a p or flown around the world. No decent frilly knickers though Moz. P'raps post some photos to cheer up a yokel! :D . And look what that supermarket food is doing to Bob's spelling!!!!

Heaton Moor....Manc

actually the Bargain Booze is nearby ,lol

Wine is quite cheap in your knock off shop , but our lass likes her Pinot Grigio alto mincio 2004 , we order by the case from M/s an its a top tipple an quite cheap at 65 quid for 12 bottles

4 pints of premium lager cost down your local
where I sup its £1.66 a pint of stella ..

but for tinnies ,you can get 10 pint size cans, £10 at Bargain Booze...

btw gasmarkone
heres one of the sets of knicker an bras she brought recently ...

an she looks just as Gorgeous in them as that model ...;)
your getting a cheeky lil lad ...

I was trying to upload spain holiday snaps , me ...a thorn amongst two roses ...;)
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