RCD just tripped after 15min with machine switched on but not working.

that suggests to me a damp-related issue, such as a drip from a leak. Sometimes condensation.

Try it with the water hoses disconnected

When it is turned off the electrically operated water valve(s) on the inlet shouls be shut. You will probably be able to see it (them) if you take the lid off.

The pump and the motor are at the bottom so I suppose water could drip on them.
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Thanks for all replies.

Nothing wrong with spare washing machine when plugged into another circuit covered by a different RCD - now been used extensively.

Concluded it does have a minor earth leakage that when added to a minor earth leakage on existing circuits and only then causes RCD to trip.

Often tripped on other circuit when just first plugging it in and not working yet other times on same circuit again just plugged in it trips RCD after 4hrs and other times it has not tripped RCD and has competed 2 wash cycles.

While I love to solve problems the cost of an earth leakage tester is almost the same as a new washing machine so bitten the bullet and new machine arrives on Thursday Without washing machine this circuit RCD has been OK 24/7/365!!!
Although that is now 2 washing machines you have thrown out.

Reckon the new one will last 6 months before getting leaky ?

First one went bang. 12yr old and motor went. When I checked it went through full cycle but no agitation - motor dead. RCD did not trip in 12yrs of use.

Second one retrieved from garage works fine on different circuit served by another RCD. On original circuit RCD trips often on pluging in even though not working and at other times will do full wash but trip RCD say after 4hrs.Must be earth leakage on this machine PLUS an amount of existing circuits earth leakage which in itself is not enough to trip RCD.

got any better ideas?
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Thought of that but considered it unlikely.

I have spare RCD so can install that and check.

I do have a simple 13A socket test that incorporates a RCD check >3sec so will do that first.

Put in 13A socket tester on other circuit where washing machine does not trip. Polarity test OK, Loop test OK, RCD test cut out almost immediately.

Burglar alarm without power went off immediately - bet the neighbours loved that at 02.00.

Any other ideas.
Unfortunately CU is in hallway and utility room is at far corner of house.

Have ordered new washing machine so that should solve problem as previous one went OK for 12yrs.

There is space in Consumer Unit to add another RCD providing I can get another (total of 3) meter tails into the main on/off switch in CU I can separate the 3 circuits to be served by 2 RCDs which should reduce the sum of the earth leakage to be below each RCD limit..

The electrician who wired up 2 bed extension (it does have its own CU with RCD that's not tripping) put it on the RCD with main residence sockets and gnd lights. Certain its the sum total of earth leakage not any individual faulty unit so if I separate the extension off washing machine RCD it should be OK unless it is other appliances in main residence.

Will see how it goes.
Burglar alarm without power went off immediately
Panel needs a new battery.

The electrician who wired up 2 bed extension (it does have its own CU with RCD that's not tripping) put it on the RCD with main residence sockets and gnd lights.
The separate CU with RCD is supplied from an RCD protected circuit in the main CU?

There are no CUs which are designed to take 3 RCDs, removing the RCD and installing RCBOs is the solution if the problem is tripping due to excessive residual current on a group of circuits.
The circuits should all be tested as there still may be a fault causing the tripping. Replacing parts until the problem appears to goes away is not a solution.

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