Recommendations For A Pressure Washer ?

2 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom

I need to purchase a new pressure washer, my old cheapy "Performance" washer from a well known DIY retailer has given up the ghost and is leaking more water than it is spraying.

The washer is to be used for periodically cleaning my block paved front drive and rear patio with approximate combined total area of 230 square metres. I would be grateful for any recommendations for a decent quality washer that can cope with this. Not knowing anything about these units would I be advised to get one that can accept a detergent or some type of cleaning agent or just a pressure washer only that cannot incorporate any cleaning agent?

Also, is there a minimum set of numbers that I should be looking at re flow rate (litres per hour) and pressure (psi/bar).

Finally, has anyone any experience with the Karcher washers from the "Karcher Outlet"?

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Most of the karcher stuff is DIY stuff ..some models have total stop ..the total stop goes faulty ..and the whole plastic piston barrel will split.

Ive had a KRANZLE 140t for years ..these are very well made and German ..cost a bit ..but mine is over ten years old now .have used it for hundreds of hours ...and no faults .

all the best.markj
We've had a Karcher for years that was bought through the refurb outlet, never had a problem with it and use it for pretty much the same things you do. Only thing is it clears a bottle of detergent in about 30 seconds, this has always happened so we assume it's just how they are.

As Mark said, Kranzle are absolutely bulletproof and are the make of choice for people who use them every day, they are very very expensive though and probably overkill for your needs.
Most diy washers are worn out after approx 100 hours total use, the cheap materials used, and swash plate pumps are not very durable.
If you want durability then it costs real money, Kranzle as mentioned are up amongst the top machines.

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Horse for courses.... if you think your last machine was rubbish then maybe you bought the wrong one. Most Brands range from £50 to £400 and some upto £20,000. Karcher are like BMW they have a k1 series through to a k7 Series then they move into Commercial grade that have a HD prefix for cold water £300 - £5000 and HDS for heated water £700 - £15,000. You almost always find the cheapest machines have a brushed motor like a drill or vacuum but the better ones have a brushless Induction motor. Domestic machines have plastic or aluminium pumps and Commercial always have Brass. If you buy a cheap domestic pressure washer £50 the motor wears out. If you pay £80 - £150 you should get an induction motor and either plastic or aluminium pump. If you pay more than £150 you should get an aluminium pump and induction motor and maybe extra tools and internal hose reels and things. The plastic pumps from karcher are good and parts cheap also if you dont use the machine for 6 months the plastic wont rot or corrode. Plastic is not very strong so it only lasts a average amount of time and has a limited pressure range. If you splash out on the top of range K5 or K6 karcher the aluminium head can take more pressure so you clean faster but if your machine is stood for several months the metal can corrode so only buy for regular use. The karcher K7 domestic machines often have brass pumps heads for non rot and maximum pressure (at a pretty price) Kranzle make some good machines but a Kranzle 140 is not much different to a karcher HD6/13 in price power and VFM
Trouble is with Karcher they have 'thoosands' of different models and I don't find their repair agents very good.
On the other hand, if you can identify the part you want, and get the part number, the Karcher spares department is very good.
John :)
We do you need to buy one?
I think it's more cost-effective to hire one, if you need it ?!

A good choice might be to take a look on e.g. erento for hiring a pressure washer. Then you are flexible and do not have to care about maintenance and so on.

:!: [/url]

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