Recommended underlay - soundproofing & underfloor heating

15 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
Hello all.

I’m planning a flat refurb and currently looking at flooring. I’ll be going for an engineered wood floor (presumably laid as a floating floor), and I’ll be using (water) underfloor heating. I’m ripping everything up (all existing floorboards etc), so effectively starting pretty close from scratch.

Given problems I’ve had with the flat above, I’d like to make sure I have some decent soundproofing (especially impact noise) so as not to overly disturb the flat below. (The flat I moved in has wooden floors, laid directly on top of old floorboards, so it’s currently pretty noisy for the flat below).

Does anyone have any suggestions for what the best course of action would be, and what kind of underlay I can use that will be good for impact noise reduction, but also be appropriate for underfloor heating? There are some decent looking rubber underlays (eg QA Timbertech), but if they’re too thick presumably they won’t allow the underfloor heating to do its job. Any ideas welcome!
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