Reillo 40 F5 troubles

12 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I am currently trying to fix my father in laws REILLO oil burner. At the moment it wont start up. The fan runs for about 10 secs and the igniters spark but no oil come out of the nozzle.

I have changed the nozzle, after following the Reillo leaflet but no luck.

The air regulator plate on the side doesnt move when you start up...and i though it would open up. Could this be something to do with it? Altough if i manually lift it up it still doesnt light.

I have opened up the bleed plug on the pump and oil does come out but only dribbling to be honest. Should this be pouring out? There is only about 2'' of oil in the tank but my father law thinks he often runs it that low.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks, Tom
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Thanks. I did wonder about the head of oil, but as there is a pump does it really matter? He is going to order more oil anyway but won't arrive for a few days yet.

Is there a way of proving if it is the solenoid or proving that it is ok?
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Undo the flexi oil line and check for oil flow.

If the hydraulic jack is not opening it will not be the solenoid.
1) Insufficient oil in tank
2) Blocked oil filter (esp as FIL is always running low?)
3) Fire valve tripped?
4) Oil pump drive coupling worn and slipping
5) oil pump failed.

Carry out the above checks in the order they are listed you will find the fault
if you have experience in oil burners that is! ;)
Is that because the jack is driven by oil from the pump directly?

So if there is a free flow of oil from the flexi do I assume the pump is knackered?

Thanks for the help so far!
Is that because the jack is driven by oil from the pump directly?

So if there is a free flow of oil from the flexi do I assume the pump is knackered?!


See Boilerman 2 No 1.

Can quite often get good gravity flow from tank but no good under pump

See Boilerman 2 No 4.

Drive coupling could be slipping.

Thanks for some reason I didnt see boilermans post when I replied last night. Ok, I will check the following...

Oil flow present after filter, though I did check this already.
Oil flow present after fire valve (it is a fusible type)

If these are ok then I will wait for an oil top up before I turn my attention to the pump.

Thanks so far you've all been very helpful.
Hello all,

OK there is a good flow immediately downstream of the filter, which is located right by the tank.

There is a similar flow on the outfeed of the fire valve, which is located in the boiler enclosure.

However when you undo the bleed plug on the pump the flow is more of a dribble. Now the bleed plug is 3-4 inches higher than the fire valve, so if the head in the tank is teetering around this height that could be the reason for this, in which case more oil needed.

But can anyone tell it always a dribble from this point on the pump, due to the restriction of the pump internals perhaps?

More oil is on order, but still not positive if this is the problem.

When the new oil arrives do i need to bleed the pump through?
Update for anyone was the pump! there is a small dog drive inside which had worn out! seems quite a feeble design to be honest but at 90quid all in for a new its not too bad really.

Thanks for the help.[/u]
I think he will be referring to the pin through the drive shaft that engages the epicyclic gears.
Bit late but yes I was referring to the metal flat that drives the elliptical gears. The flat was worn at the ends and the gear bore smoothed out so no drive.

The plastic drive couple was fine.


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