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31 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Anyone any good at setting up routers to allow remote viewing of CCTV?

I have an alien DVR which can be remote viewed on my phone.

I had it all set up and working ages ago and then something happened, but I can't remember what.

Either I got a new DVR or the router got factory defaulted, but either way it's not important.

I've done everything I think I should have and still can't get it to work. I guess there will be one little setting somewhere that I've got wrong.

Any advice would be great thanks.
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Now here's the problem that's like you're speaking a foreign langauge to me!

I think the DVR is port 8000

That's what I have to type in when I log in to the DVR from my laptop.

Forwarding. I think that's set on my router to send all imcomming traffic to the IP address of the DVR? Does that sound credible?

Services? nope no idea
What router?

If its accessible over LAN (i.e wifi from your phone) it's only a matter of making sure you have the right ports open, (is it 80, 37777 and 37778 for Alien?) and theyre being forwarded to the right internal network address. Oh, and your correcting to the right IP address?

Once setup I always use T1shoppers site to check the ports are open and get a ping back from them.

Bang in your list of ports (tcp ports only, udp dont reply to pings) and you should get a reply if theyre correctly being fowarded, to be doubly sure you can unplug your dvr fron the network and repeat the scans.


1- Check you can access unit locally without going over web
2- Check details are correct, correct LAN address and ports being forward to correct IP etc.
3- Check if open TCP ports reply to ping from site above.
4- Check your connecting to the right Internet address and using the right way to connect (I.e is it the right phone app or web browser)

5- Cant think of owt else.
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I'll try and answer as many bits as I can!

The router is a netgear DG834GT

The DVR is an alien 408

Yes it works fine over the LAN and I can remote view on my phone via the alien viewer app no problems, it's just when I try to view it on 3G that it doesn't work.

Don't know if this makes a difference, but we have a system at work and I can view that one on my phone over 3G no problems.

Obviously I change the IP address from the LAN IP address to my actual IP address wheh I try it on 3G

Thanks for your help so far. :)

I'm now not sure what ports it uses. How would I find out?
What about the dyndns settings.
That would stop remote viewing if not setup. Very possible if,as you say, router defaulted.
I've got an accout with dyndns and I think I've got all the accout details and passworks in the router correctly if that's what you mean?
I've got an accout with dyndns and I think I've got all the accout details and passworks in the router correctly if that's what you mean?
It was, but your reply indicates you've got it in correctly.

Have you got the register mode set to 'domain' on the phone?
Forget Dyndns, forget using your phone just strip it back and test it one piece at a time.

Test things 1 at a time and fix each problem as it comes up. So...

Can you check what settings are in your router? Netgers usually end up needing a service adding with the ports in it and THEN adding that service in the firewall rules pointing to to the LAN address of the DVR.

Assuimng the above is in place, forget dyndns and forget the phone connection and work systematically through it.

Can you connect to your home IP (not dyndns name) with someone elses internet on a laptop?

Can you connect to your dyndns with someone elses internet and laptop?

Can you connect to your IP (not dyndns) name with your phone?

Depending on none/any of those working witll lead to where the problem is.
If you're happy everything router/port forwarding/dyn dns is set-up properly then it's probably your mobile provider that is blocking the traffic.

I used to use mine on port 80 and it suddenly stopped working. Changed the external port to 88 (forwarded by the router to another port internally) and it was fine again.

There are reports on both Apple and Android app stores for another CCTV product where this happened to lots of people at the same time.

I would guess the network provider in my case implemented some sort of web proxy/filtering which caused the problem.

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