Alien Megabhero DVR remote viewing on Iphone

2 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
I am able to view my CCTV cameras on my iPhone whilst at home but would like to do it remotely on the alien DVR app.

I have followed their instructions on port forwarding but I am still struggling. I didn’t want to write war and peace but is there anyone who offer guidance to get me up and running please?
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Too long winded to explain ....not had to do port forwarding for at least 3 years as most machines support cloud access...what router do you have ?
Have you tried for help as theres loads of info on there.
Click on the British flag on the homepage and this will take you to a page to test your port forwarding.
With some of the alien dvr's it will not open up the ports automatically on some routers. What router do you have?
If you bought the dvr yourself system q will set up free off charge if new.
Hi both, sorry for the delay in replying. Just away with work at the moment. The router is the standard Plusnet version supplied for fibre. It does appear to have a plug and play feature but wasn’t sure if that could be used so set about following
the how to guide on the alien DVR site (but thanks for the suggestion). I have followed it point for point and checked the ports but show it as closed.

A couple of things occur to me: I have to setup two ports 8000 (8000-8000) and 554 (554-554) with the suggested ranges. Looking at the setup on the router the server port is 8240 and the RTSP port is 1240 with the HTTP port as 80.
Does setting up the ranges Alien suggest capture my ports as above?
Also I am not particularly clear which IP address I should be using to view remotely, picture below. Can you advise please?

This is all very new to me but keen to be able to view it remotely.
The system was fitted to the house, I found the installer but after they told me to view it remotely they need to host it at £65.00 per year I felt he was trying to pull the wool a little.

Again any advice would be appreciated.



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Hi Sparky, there are 3 in operation and the 4th shows NCR ( I think)
Works fine on my phone when at home on the WiFi.

Thank you
To be honest I would buy a new hikvision dvr 2mp about £50 5mp about £80 , take out the hard drive of your old one swop it over and swop cameras over ....sell the alien dvr on eBay the alien is a hikvision machine with different firmware , so no messing with port forwarding and a bit more flexible.....on a side note I had an alien dvr on one of my jobs and it was the only machine that I’ve ever had hacked !
Thanks mate, appreciate the thought but I wouldn’t even know where to start. The Alien was in the house we recently purchased so was a nice bonus we didn’t really know about.
Would like to get it up and running really rather than investing.

Have raised a ticket with Alien but un surprisingly received no response.

Hopefully someone can have some input on where I am going wrong on the port forwarding.....

If I remember I had DVr like this could access in house but not outside.i signed up to no-ip (you get details what you put in dvr ) and I used SuperLivePro app on iPhone to access outdoors .only downside is you have to renew the no-ip every month (unless you pay ) but it’s free other than that (just Renew by email ,don’t need to touch dvr )
Hi Neil, thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware of this so it could be a fall back position. I will do some research on SLP, could be a good work around :)
Finally managed to sort it. The port references were not as per the references on the Alien guide. Changed them from 8000 and 554 to 8240 and 1240. Then added the public IP address to the app and bingo.

Thanks for your thoughts but I knew I wasn’t far off doing it

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