Renault Megane 1.4 16v Hatchback Won't Start/turnover.

16 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Hello and thanks for reading.

My friend wants to scrap his Megane because it won't start/turnover.

Car : Renault Megane Hatchback 1.4 16v Sport Alize 5dr.
Fuel: Petrol
Factory Type No : BA0W05
Fabrication No : E0066870
Model Year : 2000
Ignition Key : 8 Digits

Schedule of events.

18 months ago - Timing belt snapped - his mates garage repaired - cost @£400 Didn't replace timing belt cover.

9 months ago - Driving his car it began to miss and shudder.
Ignition lights went bright - then went out - engine stopped.

Sept : Asked me to get him best scrap value - £150
Asked another mate to have a look at the car.

He found the ignition lights up, but no return spring on barrel.
Fitted scrap yard barrel, replaced the original barrel sensor correctly- he thinks.

Moved new ignition blade into original fob.
Pressed original fob until fob light went out - then 3 quick presses.
No fast flashing tell tale light, so presumes car accepted new key.
Still no joy. Not even trying to turn over.

However, he now has a response when trying to start.
The radio display goes out - comes back on - when trying to start.
Did not do this with old barrel.
Ignition lights bright - battery Charged - battery connections cleaned - checked.

Fuses Checked near battery.
Fuses extremely hard to remove - suspects fuse box - cover been on - but top grille not.
Fuses eventually out - checked - cleaned - back in.

Looked for any obvious earth and connection problems.
Found wires snapped (1 green 1 brown snapped in same conduit)
Same conduit holed around 6 inches from point of loom/engine - wires gone except 6 ins.

Same conduit seems still original length @ 27 inches.
Same conduit seems holed due/aligned to timing belt top pulley rubbing.
Timing belt cover not replaced since his mates garage valve repair.
Can't work out where wires were supposed to connect to or what it does.
Broken wire/conduit in question labeled at bottom:.......
.....TESTE FUSIVES 55RB14119 ( 1green wire 1 brown wire)

His prime suspects are:

The original ignition barrel sensor cover, which he turned anti clockwise and locked.

The fuse box near battery, because of the missing top grille, possible inner corrosion/damp.

The broken wire, but he thinks it's a possible sensor - but may explain the shudder breakdown.

Starter motor.

The only other problem he can think of - is that the rear doors don't open from the outside.

He freed the child locks with a piece of plastic. Still won't open from outside.

He suspects the immobiliser may be active if the rear doors have not auto locked/unlocked.

Can anyone please help.

Apologies for the long post, thanks for any advice.
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Scrap it and run, sounds like a right mess. all electronics on these are bad so save time and money, get rid and spend the money on something not french, Honda, VW etc.
oh dear, where do we start. Id agree with the previous post, these cars are a complete nightmare when they go wrong and anybody who dares to buy one should be shot!
On a serious note, you need to verify all engine wires are connected to the correct place. A break in a key electrical sensor will cause a non start condition, how you go about doing this is the problem.
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