Replace circuit breaker with WIFI smart metering circuit breaker

I want to monitor how much energy our electric shower is using. The shower is currently on a Hager MTN132 B32 MCB.
I assume that this Hager MTN132 B32 MCB goes on to a busbar and has a single live wire connection at the top.

On Amazon and eBay, I have seen MCB's that have WIFI functionality which include metering and other programmable functions (see photo).
However these MCB's seem to have 2 (N&L) connections both at the top and bottom, like a double pole switch. So I wonder if they can be used to replace my Hager MTN132 B32.

Does anyone know if I can just swap these MCB's?
Can I just connect the live wire into the 'L' terminal at the top. Then connect the 'L' terminal at the bottom into the busbar?
Can I leave the 'N' terminals empty? Or does the new MCB need to be attached to the DIN rail without any busbar and have the shower circuit wired through both N & L terminals, like a double pole switch?

Thank you in advance.

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I haven't read all of the thread and I hope this has already been pointed out.

These are switches (actually WiFi controlled relay), not MCB's
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I haven't read all of the thread and I hope this has already been pointed out. These are switches (actually WiFi controlled relay), not MCB's
Yes, that was first pointed out in post #19 but, as you've probably seen, it has persistently referred to as a 'breaker' as well as having been called an MCB from the very start..

Kind Regards, John
Thanks again for all of the good advice. I think that I will buy the meter device with the clamp. Would it be acceptable to wire it up as shown in the attached photo? Ie. feed a new live wire from a lighting circuit breaker. Then connect the neutral connection to a neutral block in the consumer unit? So the lighting MCB will have 2 live wires coming out the top of it (1 existing wire, plus 1 new wire).
Note that the photo shows a 'split board' with a separation shown between the two splits. There are 2 free slots in the middle available to house the new meter device.

Many thanks.

In my own house yes I would connect that way, however you ask would it be acceptable, and rules say needs to be sanctioned by the manufacturer.

I have a clamp-on remote I need to repair sent to me by Scotish Power before days of smart meters able to monitor all (batteries leaked) but I found items using a fixed current a little pointless.

8 kW shower uses 8 kW and not much one can do to change it, clearly the shorter you shower for the less it costs, but knowing the cost does not really help.

I have energy monitors for anything on a plug, and clamp on ammeters, but in real terms it does not help, they are just toys.
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Just for the record, I installed the meter device and clamp, so it monitors electricity consumption on the circuit supplying the shower. So far it seems to work well. I had to install it in a slot where there was no busbar terminal in the way. It is powered from the lighting MCB.
Thanks to everyone for their advice on this topic.


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