Replacement head for Corgi

2 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
Heating engineer replaced my 3 way valve head (as well as a new pump) last year. He fitted a Corgi model: A3MID-C. He mounted on the old valve.

The motor has just started ticking when both the water and heating are on. Apart from this, everything works I.e. Heating, water all ok and programmable. I think the old valve is ok, just the head gone.
My question is, will a Honeywell or Drayton head fit directly on to replace the corgi? Are corgis traditionally more unreliable than Honeywell/Drayton?

Many thanks in advance.
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Are corgis traditionally more unreliable than Honeywell/Drayton?
Depends which valve manufacturer they sold the rights to use the corgi name.

It's a bit of a sore subject with us rgi's

But I would say anything that is branded corgi is utter crap.

That is all
I think they are made by the same maker as sells under the Tower brand.

Use them quite often and don't find them any worse than the genuine original make.
Corgi never made anything it will be a rebranded head post a pic and we will be able to tell you what brand it actually is, has it been clicking ever since it was installed /
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I only asked because a common fault of three way valves clicking is that the HW off wire has not been connected properly but if it did work then started to play up this is unlikely
This is my current 'corgi' head - its like a high speed click when both hot water and heating are on.

Can I replace with a new head directly e.g. Drayton? If so, i assume no drain down required?

Thanks for your help.
I don't think that it will be made by Honeywell itself.

But by a firm that sells under several name like Tower.

As I said before, I usually use that as replacements and don't find them any less reliable than the genuine Honeywell.

Thanks for your help everyone. Did a direct swap for a Honeywell and all is well. Just did the head so I've got a spare valve if that goes in the future. Thanks again...

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