Replacing a steel

20 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
My property has a rotten steel. The top is gernally ok, but the lower point is down to 1mm or less in two places. It is on an exterior wall over a doorway and large window. The span is 3.2m, with a 2 brick pier in between the window and door. There las been a long term leak.
Please an some one advise what is required to support the wall before we remve the lower curse, drp the lintel out and replace it. The wall is supprting a first floor bedroom and batchroom and a pitched roof of approx 5m span on the first floor.
Would a number of strong boys do the trick?
We are already adding a pre stressed lintel on the inside of a wall to take the floor loads before we remove the lintel, but what do we need to do with the steel holding up the brick work.
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