replacing picket fence questions

20 May 2006
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United Kingdom
hi, my front picket fence blew down due to high winds and worms and soil for fence posts. :LOL:

im gonna do this with a fried, i have some common sense but not sure on materials to use. ill be using preade picket sections, cut to fit, but am not sure weather to use posts set in concrete or the metal spike post supports. im also not sure about post diameter. the pickets sections will be 90cm high if that helps.

also the fence runs along the front garden, then 90 deg. tur up to fron of house. i presume i fix the post at the house to the house , rather than sink it, but what fixings to i use.

thanks in advance.
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im gonna do this with a fried,

While you're there, I'll have a bacon buttie ;)

Don't use metposts, they fall over most of the time and are a bit unsightly. Use 3" fence posts concreted in with fast setting postfix concrete, which comes pre-mixed in bags. When you hit the house, just drill, plug and screw a bit of 4x2/3x2 to the wall, to make a 'half post'
If you have a lot of holes you might want to get a post hole digger.
Most posts fall over because people don't place them deep enough.

see post wobbly fence
cheers very much guys... yes as fry up and a friend will both be utilised :LOL:

thanks for advice on metposts, i had a feeling they werent right for a proper job (bit to diy friendly). last silly questions...

all posts in first before picket modules go on?


when i cut the picket sections to fit , say picket sectios are 1.5 meter, garden is 4.5 meter across, do i double up the posts or will 1.5 inches of section acros the 3 inch post be ok for a join?

thanks very much again.
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you might consider the use of concrete posts, they can be painted to match the woodwork.

For a small fence you can use concrete spurs which have bolt-holes in them and bolt the woodwork through there.

If it is a low picket fence, it will not catch the wind so much as a panel or closeboard, and is presumably only half height, so the holes need only be 1/3 post height or so. 18" would do.

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Thermo will be along in a minute to say he prefers wood... but he makes a living out of replacing rotten fence posts :LOL:

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