Replacing spring clip for bathroom spotlight

11 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom

Painted bathroom ceiling today and removed one of the circular metal plate things with a view to making paint job easier. One of these more or less fell out and I could see that the spring had gone.

Went to Homebase for a replacement but new down lights are now different design. The halogen bulb in use connects to one of those SB universal fittings but the bulb with the new fitting was the bayonet variety. I swapped the bulbs over and connected to the SB and all lights work but one query. The new light fitting has a cable connecting to a bulb holder but I obviously didn't need to use that. Was it ok for me to stuff that into the recess hole in the ceiling?

Hope that makes sense.


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I am trying to work out what you have done. It seems you have bought a GU10 lamp and removed the lamp holder and replaced it with the old G5.3 lamp connector. Now the GU10 actually holds the lamp in the holder but the G5.3 only makes the electrical connection and the lamp is held in place with a circlip. So with your mod there is nothing holding the bulb in place other than being tight on the pins which is not enough and the bulb could fall out. Have I read your post correctly?
Sorry for confusion, not my intention. Feel like bloke on Allo Allo. I vil say zis only vunce etc.

The gist is:

I bought down light pack from Homebase.

These come with GU10 bulbs (bayonet fitting) but the units also have a white sheathed cable feeding into a connector that looks like a bulb connector.

I replaced the bayonet fitting bulb with one that fits into the connector in my loft.

I'll take pictures and upload tomorrow as too pi###ed now.

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Sounds as if you've stuffed a lamp bulb into a connector, not the bulb holder. If so, it's not OK as not designed for that purpose and could overheat.
Hi again

Don't think I've stuffed bulb into connector. What I did was position correct bulb (one with pins for 12V transformer etc) into metal ring and secure with the circular clip. I then connected bulb to connector in loft as per original configuration. I don't know how else to replace the broken down light (spring to secure to loft) as the only "downlights" in Homebase were the ones I bought.

Exhibit one is the new one fitted.

Exhibit 2 is the version with broken spring and impossible to replace it seems.

Don't want a fire so appreciate feedback if this fix not safe.




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So what you've done is replace the metal fitting, but used the old connector from the broken fitting? Leaving you with a spare lamp holder in the loft? Correct?

It would be better to disconnect the wiring to the old one, and put it into the new one.

Does the new fitting have 3 terminals for Live, Neutral and Earth? If not, and there's only 2, I wouldn't worry too much. If there's a third for earth, you really need to move the cable to the new terminal block
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Sorry I used to be ok with electrickery but getting confused with this now.

When you say "It would be better to disconnect the wiring ..."

If I disconnect I would simply unplug the bulb from the two pin small white round connector?

How would I rewire to connect the new fitting (exhibit one) to the two pin round connector in the loft?

When you ask about terminals on new fitting.... Do you mean the light in exhibit one? If so can't see any terminals on that?

Don't know if it makes any difference but the downlight is one of 6 in the bathroom connected to a transformer in loft?

Thanks for your time.
Is that short white cable with a black widget on the end intended to connect to the GU10 lamp?
Could you post a photo of what you've done?
Your first photo appears to show a gu10 bulb with the correct lamp holder to the right.

How have u connected up the terminal block to the left?

Your second photo is just a metal surround and is largely irrelevant to the electrics.
Sorry responding to multiple posts now. Attached should help. In essence. Yes I believe the white cable with black widget is intended for connection to said lamp. As to how have I connected to terminal block... I have already stated that I only connected existing bulb to existing two pin connector in loft. I think I also stated that I then pushed the white cable and connector into loft hole as that had become superfluous, so to speak.

The set up in loft was carried out about 10 years ago by a spark (when we had new bathroom).

I know I've transgressed but hopefully not major league.


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OK, I think I understand now. So on the new metal part of the downlighter, you have a terminal block not connected to anything, a white cable and lampholder connected to that, and you've fitted a lamp to the lampholder from the old downlighter? If so then it should be OK, but you could remove the unused terminal block and lampholder.
BTW I can't see which spring clip is broken on your old fitting.
At a quess, you have tried to use just the housing of the new fitting, and the holder and wiring that came on the new fitting is still connected to the housing but not in use

Basically they sold you a mains fitting rather than a 12 volt fitting

The old lights were 12 volt and the lampholders connected to a connecter block pushed up in the ceiling

If thats right and the lamp is stil connected to your old existing wire and lampholder, then it May be ok to just fit that in the new housing, but theres no cable restraint, nomally you would adapt the new fitting to take your old wires into the black connection unit.

In that black housing is a connecter block, you would put your old lampholder into it one side, and your old supply cable into the other side

I dont think the old lights broke, just a case your fitting it wrong, it needs tension on the arm bits to make the legs push down on the ceiling, in normal mode out of ceiling the springs are floppy and give impression there broke.
The springs on the new one self tension and work different, its possible the new type springs would fit and work on the old fitting and then your fittings will still all match
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Thanks again for these responses.

You put your finger on it when you said "they sold you a mains rather than 12 v version. As far as Homebase were concerned there were the only ones they stock!

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