Roofing slates for low pitch extension ?

9 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Our house is 100 y/o and is brick with a slate roof.

We have an original extension out the back which only extends about 1.5m from the house and used to house a toilet etc. It is now part of the kitchen.

The slate roof here is a 35 degree pitch.

I would like to change this extension and come out much further, to allow a new proper all year round room to be built. The roof line on this extension can go a little higher (2 courses) up towards the first floor window cills. But the pitch will be reduced quite a bit due to coming out another 5 or 6 meters.

I am having drawings done and the architect has said the pitch will be around 20 degrees when built.

We can do a flatter roof with window lanterns, but i want to keep a nice clean pitched roof with some vellum windows in there. These will be towards the top of the extension.

So materials i could use are zinc or copper, but ideally i would like to use old slate.

What products could i use to do this. I have seen some concrete replica slates on the market and these work at 20 degrees.

Ideas on products would be appreciated plus info on problems with slates at lower degrees, plus any info on using zinc.
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