Rough costs for woodburner installation

5 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
'How long is a piece of string'...
I'm looking at buying a house, there are two very similar ones on the market- both late 1980s bungalows. One has an open fire and clay lined flue, the other has no fireplace or chimney at all.
In each case I will be wanting to install a woodburning stove. I understand that where there is already a fireplace the costs are minimal- basically the stove itself plus a clay adapter and short length of pipe, perhaps also some bends, but nothing too expensive.
What sorts of costs are attached to putting in a complete new flue? I would prefer an internal flue exiting through the roof.
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work is covered by building regs grade one liner required work has to be up to regs passed by at your expense or fitted by a hetas engineer who will certify

if you want it as an expensive time consuming life style choice go for it
if its to save money then use gas
Aye - I had a wood burner fitted in my kitchen (ground floor of a 2 storey extension) about 18 months ago ... the flue went out through the wall and up the outside terminated above roof level. It was insulated stainless steel (complete with 'soot box' outside) and cost a grand. Obviously add the cost of the wood burner.
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Thanks for the useful reply. That's not too bad at all, about half what I had guessed.
I presume an external installation was the obvious route for you given there were habitable rooms above you. I would prefer an internal flue myself for better efficiency. Would it be extortionate to break through the roof?

For the record, given that the house is on an island with no mains gas, inflated oil prices, and a woodland just down the road, coupled with my current house having a woodburner which I love, I am not particularly interested in being persuaded whether installing a woodburner is 'value for money' or not.
i only mentioned it because some people have a romantic notion off free heat for little effort
so i mention it to save people money if thats what they think :D :D ;)
romantic notion off free heat for little effort

'Little effort indeed' lol. I feed my current stove on palettes, generate more heat breaking them up than I do by burning them... still better than burning oil though :D

Will I be likely to need planning permission for a new flue as an external change? Even in similar neighbouring houses all have them?

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