Safe zone for lighting

1.5mm cable, 1.0mm is OK

[me being as pedantic and unhelpful]
What are those measurements you state? The diameter? The circumference? Because they cannot be cross sectional area, can they?
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Indeed - but, as I've said, I would personally not regard that 'safe zone' on the reverse side of the wall as being a 'safe' place to install cables...
"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."
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As for "Where did I?" clicking the arrow next to the name of an author of a quote will answer that one.
Detlef quoted me and replied "But you used a linear measurement which is totally inappropriate."
I think Detlef's quoting somehow went wrong, and that he thought he was replying to Winston (who was the first one to include the quote in question, in the post immediately before Detlef's) - although it's a bit difficult to see how one could manage that!
As did the OP. I knew what he meant

So, from now on, if someone writes "arial"/"ariel" instead of aerial, you will, I assume, just let it go, because you know exactly what they meant anyway?

Anyway, before this thread is closed, I don't ever recall the position of a door being relevent to cable zones, unless I'm wrong.

To the op, unless it's already been mentioned, one solution may be to run the cable in earthed metal conduit.
Yes, sorry guys, I tried to quote Winston's message, and the result was an empty quote, so I tried to build it myself, but wasn't thinking too clearly.
(I've edited the original now)

To answer sparkwright, I think that the quote from BAS: "Where the location of the accessory, point or switchgear can be determined from the reverse side,..." implies that you would need a doorway to determine that.
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