Saniflo - but which toilet?

29 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We've been pulling our hair out trying to find a suitable toilet for Saniflo fitting in our en-suite shower room. I know the risks associated with Saniflo, and we've read all the horror stories, but the simple answer is this - we need one. Without too much detail our criteria is; conform to listed building rules (i.e. no new plumbing to outside walls) and to get rid of a 6" soil pipe running down one wall in our living room. We intend to extract waste to another existing soil pipe in our main bathroom.

We've called Saniflo direct, who aren't that helpful. We have called bathroom centres which sell Saniflo sand asked 'which toilets have you sold with these units?', only to be faced with silence.

I was wondering whether anyone has been through this recently or got any imaginitive ideas? The wall to which the toilet is fixed is a plasterboard.

Many thanks,
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Stop before you go bald!

nearly all toilets accept a saniflo, as they just use 4" flexi outlets which can be connected direct to the spigot on the pan or to an extension if required, so get what you like.
so - sorry for the silly questions as I have only my mind's eye to work with - but does this mean you just install the Saniflo as near as you can to the toilet 'output', for example to the side on the wall?

edit : sorry just to be clear - most modern toilets do not have the requisite clearance at the back to fit the Saniflo box directly behind the toilet. That be ~190mm for the Saniflo Pro or ~140mm for the Saniflo Slim
I f you want to put the saniflo further back you can do so, you can use a 4" pan extension or it will also accept a 4" flexi, they are quite adaptable. if you intend putting it behind the plasterboard wall dont forget you will need access for maintenance
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I'm not sure i'm being clear (sorry).

I want to put the Saniflo behind the toilet, but ALL the toilets we have looked at don't have clearance. Nearly all the toilets we have looked at have <140mm clearance.

The other issue we have is the toilet is immediately behind the door accessing the room and we have restrictions on how far the toilet can protrude, i.e. I don;t want to be knocking my knees on the door when sitting on the loo!

I would rather not use a recess in the false wall because that wall is on the opposite side to our sons' bedroom and it might be noisy or affect the sound insulation.

We are tight for space!

It sounds like we are asking for a lot but all we want is a toilet with >140mm claernace at the back for a Saniflo!

It's a very strange situation.
Who are you, I have the EXACT same problem. I need a short projection toilet which will accept a sanipro or sanislim macerator behind.

Likewise I am struggling to find anything that doesn't require a part of modification here or there. I also has a stoothing wall behind the toilet area so *could* modify that, though I'd prefer not to as my stairs are directly behind.

I need the macerator (no alternative situation) to take waste from sink, shower and toilet. It would be handy if saniflo could suggest toilets that would fit.

The closest in my findings is this toilet here:

140mm as you state is needed behind the toilet. So I was thinking that I could build the toilet out from the wall with a 25/30mm frame to allow the sanislim to just get in behind it. That way the overall projection of the toilet would be around 625/630mm which is still less than those at 700mm etc.

Have you managed to find a solution at all as I'd much prefer just a nice flush fit to the wall.

Rob :)
just found this.

if you check the dimensions at the back you can see there is 200mm clearance. I'd like it to be confirmed before buying it though as I've looked a ta few other toilets on the site and spotted a couple of errors on the plans.

Could be the answer to our problems. 650mm project, so 2 inch more than I hope really.
Thanks bunny.

How did you find those files? I'd like to see the toilets and how much they retail for. It's nice to see some detailed specs on there though!!

Cheers for the help!!!

edit - managed to find them. I'll have a look on their site some more and see if I can find any others!!!
Just been reading the posts from 2010. Having the same problem getting a toilet that fits the Saniflo or Sanislim. Did anyone solve their problem? :confused:
I fitted one and got it and the loo from Screwfix. The loo needed to have an internal overflow in my case.
Thanks for the replies. Can you remember which style/make of toilet it was that you got from Screwfix please? Did you fit the macarator yourself? :confused:

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