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Screw through gas pipe

Discussion in 'DIY Disasters' started by ort67, 20 Jun 2018.

  1. Robbox


    21 Jul 2010
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    Weymouth, Dorset
    United Kingdom
    I used to live in a low rise block of flats. One day I got an agitated call from a neighbour about her flooded flat (I had a wet vac, she thought I could suck it up). Got there only to find some poor guy with a thumb over the end of the water main incoming!! He'd been there quite sometime and was about to pass out, the floor was an inch deep in water.
    Seems this guy was delivering a new washing machine and taking away the old one. I never quite understood how he managed to end up with a bare copper pipe with no internal stopcock.
    I rushed around the block looking for the mains inlet, which no-one knew where it was. Finally found the 3" copper incoming and an over-sized stopcock.
    The block management gave me a case of wine as thanks!
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