Sealing around a kitchen sink

5 May 2004
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United Kingdom
A friend of mine recently installed new Kitchen worktops and kitchen sink for us. It's not his normal line of work but he's pretty handy and did a good job on his own kitchen. He's done us a good job but left us to seal the gaps between the worktops and the walls which is fine. I then subsequently asked him if he had sealed the sink itself - which he hadn't. I was a bit concerned about this but he said to just go round it with transparent silicone sealant without trimming the nozzle off and go round it with your little finger. I am not sure this will do a very good job - at the very least I'm thinking that if I try and push the sink up a little bit from underneath it might give me more of a gap to get into - at the moment it fits nice and snugly so there is virtually no gap to get into, but of course water will get in there no problem. It's a sink with a lip overhang. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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definatly good practice to seal "ALL" cut edges especialy around the sink and seat on a bed of silicon to give you double protection

i assume you have clips !!!!you will have to loosen them

make shure all surfaces are clean grease free and dry

idealy you need to have a contiuouse bead of around 2mm thick by 5/10mm wide to give 2 protictve barriers between sink and worktop

if you can lift say 6mm and place some 6mm bits off wood/ply/plastic diagonaly about 6mm into the corner
fill the gap with a 6mm bead of silicon pump loads extra behind the spacers hoping that some of the extra will seal behind the front edge as well as dripping onto whats underneath ;)

make shure once you have removed the spacers you pump silicon into any gaps before tightening the clamps or weighing down the sink till the silicon goes off
Assuming its an inset stainless seel sink.

You should seal the worktops cut edges. (2 Coats of pva )
If you raise the sink a little & put plumbers mait under the flange then the surplus will oze out.

If you use silcone, you have to fight time & if it looks a mess you are a bit stuck.

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