Securing rotary clothes dryer

27 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom

A friend has asked me to help him fit a rotary clothes dryer in his garden over Christmas. He was asking if a spike would suffice in his grass garden and I said no you'll need to concrete it in.

Please could you advise me how to do this and if this is the best thing to do?

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Correct answer!
You'll need to fit a tubular socket (that the spike fits in to), dig a hole maybe 9" diameter, 1' deep. (Deeper if the ground is unstable). Ram the socket in, pack with random stone and then fill up with concrete tamped down as far as you can.
Check the socket is vertical before everything starts to set.
John :)
Thanks guys.

All bits can come from wickes then I guess? Gravel, sharp sand (or plastering sand) and a small bag of sand. Wickes do small bags of aggregate - there will be plenty in these I guess? Will I have a lot left over?

What mix of sand and cement btw?

Do I fill below the grass level so I can re-turf that bit etc?

Cheers guys
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Dig a hole, put the pole in, fill 1/3 with water, put the bag (or two) of postcrete in, level, wait to dry.

Job done.
Spike hammered into lawn works fine, had one there for last ten years, just make sure it goes in vertical.
Hi guys,

The friend has bought postcrete. Could you give me some directions on how to use it please as I've never used it before.

Shall I...

1. Dig the hole
2. Put some stones in the bottom of the hole
3. Put the socket in
4. Pour water in
5. Pour postcrete in

How much postcrete? Does it mix itself or do you need to mix with water first?
How long does it take to set etc?

Any tips?

Normally just a few stones to hold the socket level then 1/3 water, pour the postcrete in and thats it. No need to mix or anything like that.

There should be instructions on the bag. It is normally set in about an hour.
Buy a post level , only £2 from toolstation but works a treat. I just dig the hole, put the socket in, insert the pole/post, leaning it on your shoulder. Water in, postcrete in. Then hold it upright for about 5 mins and it'll set perfectly .

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