Should I be worried? "Sockitz" plastic guards.

15 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
Work began on new kitchen today. This is how the electricians removed some of the sockitz I'd fitted. DOH!

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Hi Solo,

Are they backboxes for plasterboard? If so, they are not the type used in the UK. There are no screw terminals and also no back to them.


Edit: Just seen what they are. I personally think it's a waste of time and money buying them.
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Ask them to replace them if you’ve paid for them, as they’ve caused damage.

@huggybear it appears it’s these, I thought op had misspelled sockets.
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This is how the electricians removed some of the sockitz I'd fitted
Looks like it's along the lines of step 5 of the "how to" Sockitz themselves published?


But hey, it's new technology; don't expect the average "I've always skinned wires with my teeth" sparky to take the slightest interest in whether or not it's a good idea/comes apart/etc - it's getting in the way of them getting their price work done so it's out with the angle grinder.

If you want them to be careful and possibly also think twice, cut once, see if they do a day rate!
Work began on new kitchen today. This is how the electricians removed some of the sockitz I'd fitted. DOH!

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I don't know what rubbish those are, but I suspect I would have done exactly the same - and then fitted some proper ones.

EDIT. Now I see what they are - guards for plastering, tiling, painting.

Not bad idea, though not sure what would happen with plasters and tilers if they don't know what they are for.

I now understand why you were annoyed when they were destroyed :(.
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I saw these on DD and at the time couldn't understand what they were supposed to be. Now I've seen the guide I'm even more confused, for a start 99% will need to be chopped about to provide cable access, unless I'm completely missing to point.

As I see it it will provide a crap plaster finish, a crap paint finish and chipped plaster when removed.

I think I'm with sparkwright.
If anyone hasn't seen the installation video, there shouldn't need to be any cutting for cable access, and I can see how it would be useful for plastering/painting up to.

The OP's are of the reusable type! :oops:

I remove the accessory, use wagos, then fit short lengths of the widest plastic tophat style capping, with each end trapped behind the lugs.

Then the plasterer can just go right over the box and decorating is a doddle. They work a treat.
Were they intended to let the plasterer or tiler work round them?
Aye, they're the reusable type. Fitted them when I removed all the tiles. Thought I'd be doing the plasterer a favour. Seems like I wasted my time. Not to worry. Everybody has a different way of doing things. As said above, maybe it's a solution looking for a problem.
My idea of hell.

An accessory plastered in and painted over.

There's nothing nicer than removing one of these, followed by a bit of deft polyfilla-ing, paint and a fresh unmolested accessory screwed over the top.

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