Shower extractor fan light not working

14 May 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Like a few showers, I have an extractor fan with an integral light.

This light stopped working, so, I have changed the bulb, however, the new bulb is not working either.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thanks Rick
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Sorry, didnt fully explain. The fan is still and has been all the time working correctly, its just the bulb thats kaput.

Does the transformer supply the fan as well as the light, or is it on a different line?

I'll have to get a professional in if it is. :(
The unit i have is a mains powered fan (which sits in the loft space), along with a separate transformer for the light.
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Normally the fan is mains operated but the halogen lamp is 12 volt. If you look on the bulb that you have removed, the voltage should be written on it.

If it is 12 volt there will be a transformer located quite close by. If your shower is downstairs, you can usually reach it through the hole when the light / grille is removed. If it's upstairs it will probably be located in the loft.

The photo below shows a typical transformer.

The fan is still ... working correctly, its just the bulb thats kaput. Does the transformer supply the fan as well as the light?

Three possibilities:
1 - it's the bulb (just because you've changed it means little unless you're sure the new one is good)
2 - it's the bulb connection - the wires to the lampholder of 12v bulbs can degrade and stop the power low, but it's unusual on the sort of connection you usually find an extractor
3 - it's the transformer (favourite)

Possible fourth - depending on how it's been wired up there might be a loose/broken connection in the wiring.

Thanks for the answers all.

It was the transformer behind the light, all fixed and running,

Thanks again guys.
I know this is a bit late but did you repair the transformer or replace it SpeakerEnder? I have the same problem. Thanks
Wow Spark123, very many thanks for the swift response!
That sounds good, thanks for the Screwfix link. Do you know if I can gain access to replace it from below (via the hole in the ceiling that the light/fan comes through)? as I cannot access the kit from above. I think its a Manrose 100mm kit by the look of the outer trim. Thanks
It depends how it was installed. From what I remember the bezel around the outside of the vent turns and comes off revealing screws which attach to some arms that swing out. If you can get them to retract it ought to pull down and hopefully you should be able to detach it from the duct, push the ductwork back up and gain access to the transformer through the hole.
Thanks again Spark123, that's really helpful - I will have a look and see. I was struggling to get the bezel off by pulling (not too hard as I don't want to damage it) so will try and unscrew.
You were correct Spark123 it does unscrew and thanks flameport, it does unscrew clockwise.

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