Silicone sealant around kitchen sink?

21 May 2004
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United Kingdom
We have just replaced the kitchen sink and it had a kind of putty that came with the sink that we used to fit the sink in as well as screwing it down to the worktop.

I wondered if we should put some silicone sealant around the edges of the worktop or not?

The plumber said it isn't really needed as no water can get down because of the putty that was used. Is this right?

There is a slight gap where the sink meets the worktop and I don't want water to get down there, but I also think silicone sealant doesn't look very nice.

I have added a photo so you can see the edge I mean. Should I have silicone sealant around this edge?
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The putty should have sealed the gap if it was put in well enough! Was it like Blu-tack?
If you want to be safe though, clean the angle well with methylated spirits, and use a new nozzle on a clear silicone tube just slightly sharpened. You only need enough silicone, any more looks awful. The meths makes sure it sticks well.
Personal fave is Dow Corning silicones, but some others eg Unibond are good too.

You're right ot be concerned. If water gets to the chipboard core it rots it very fast. It's a good idea to paint Glue round the cut.
I had some decking 'end cut' wood preserver left and used this to soak the cuts on my new work top.

I was replacing the work tops due to the fact mine had rotted at the sink due to water ingress.

I pumped plenty of silicone in under the sink lip, and then squeezed down the sink onto the worktop.

IMO, high modulous silicone is by far the more durable and long lasting stuff.
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agree with above posts.

the most important thing was to make sure the worktop cut was sealed before fitting the sink.

personally i use neat pva. 2 coats over 2 days if time allows.

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