Simple Shed Window Help

6 Jul 2020
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United Kingdom
I'm (very) slowly building a 16' x 8' shed as a furlough project but I can't quite work out how to do the window. I've got a large 7' double glazing unit which I'd like to use as I'd like to use the window area for starting vegetable plants off.

Can anyone recommend a simpleish design for the window please? Should I make a frame for the glass first or just fit it in the wall framing and bead round to hold it in place? Would this be strong enough? And does it need to protrude beyond the cladding so I can clad up to? There'll be the framing covered in osb, then a batten then shiplap cladding. I think my brain has gone a bit mushy as I seem to be struggling to get my head round it.

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