Smaller window in same opening? Ideas please.

23 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
We have switched the layout of our bungalow so that what was a dining room is now a bathroom. The bathroom is at the front of the house and visible to the road (there is some shrubs partially obscuring it)

Obviously it's a huge window with a low cill as you would find in a dining room but this is now a bit much for the bathroom.

I need to replace the cill anyway as it's spalling so I'll move it up a few courses but I want to keep the opening the same width for aesthetics and to avoid needing planning.

My plan was to use a 3 pane window and blank off the middle pane with a solid composite panel but I'm looking for any good examples of how to do this or achieve a similar option.

I would like roughly 1/4 window on the right 2/4 blanked off in the centre and 1/4 window on the left.

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How about 2 smaller windows either side, block up central panel and clad with cladding tiles, render etc. to make a feature depending on look of bungalow. I quite like the small slate cladding tiles but I hate the composite infill panels you see in PVC doors and windows, cheap and tacky.
Thanks I would rather some sort of timber cladding between but I want to keep the cill the same and unsure how to detail the cladding and looking some examples.

Cheers for reply.
I'm looking for any good examples of how to do this or achieve a similar option

You'll be looking a long time I'll wager. A random panel - of plastic or brick will still look random, unless it fits in with the rest of the bungalow.
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Haha you're probably right. I'll put up a photo later and you can try and help me work out how to detail something similar.
What about shutters ie. one open one closed but
one permanently closed if that makes sense.

Something like this. I guess it's just a timber frame panel but not sure so was hoping someone had done something similar?
Is that your place or a local juvenile day centre?

That's not something to aspire to surely?

Casements with opaque glazing would be better
No just a local house. It's actually quite nice in the flesh.

I would be covering half of the Gable (which fronts onto the road and contains the window in question) with timber cladding to cover some awful 70s stone cladding.
I like the concept but not sure the black works, rather austere and institutional as Woody said.

If it was a small area I would try something a bit more bold with a bit of colour but if you are doing a larger area then more subtle. Red Cedar seems very popular, almost too popular, I see it everywhere now.

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